photo feed: tipsarevic goes down in five sets



For those of you who can’t get enough of Janko Tipsarevic, here are some photos from his epic third round battle against Roger Federer at the Australian Open.

Janko made the top seed work for his 6-7 (5), 7-6 (1), 5-7, 6-1, 10-8 win. Yep, that’s someone not named Rafa Nadal taking Roger to five.

I’m not responsible for what you do with these photos. Just don’t defile him, okay?


Making his way through the first set.


Doing the copyrighted vicht.


The injury timeout and a change of clothes in the fourth set. A bit of gamesmanship, perhaps?


His Myspace face.


Stretched out, in white Fila.


Getting a pat on the back for doing Roger a favor.

(via Getty Images)

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13 Responses to “photo feed: tipsarevic goes down in five sets”

  1. Mariam Says:

    I am soo proud of Jarko! He played a fantastic match! I hope his good form continues!

  2. Mariam Says:

    Opps I ment JANKO! :s

  3. wendychen Says:

    somethin in the serbian water….

    now the only thing left to do is for Novak to defeat Fed in the semis!!!!!!

    (or at the very least another 5 setter)

  4. Moin Ibrahim Says:

    Janko have something in him!!!
    He will be future Champ>….

  5. Nick McCarvel Says:

    I really do think Janko has a bright future. There is something about the way he plays that is special. Is ’08 his breakthrough year?!?

  6. Sarah Says:

    I don’t know what I’d do without this blog feeding my Janko love.

    Nice farmers tan lol.

  7. Federer vs Tipsarevic: Epic Epic EPIC Match! | Says:

    […] Canada America’s Hat – $17.99 – BustedTees.comYet another classic Aussie Open match. 49th ranked Janko Tipsarevic pushed top seed Roger Federer to the absolute limit in their third (yes third) round match. Janko made the top seed work for his […]

  8. Joshua Says:

    Janko! My beautiful Janko!

    But hey, where do you get off talking about his “gamesmanship”? He called for the trainer AFTER Federer did the same thing! And Janko actually had to get his foot wrapped. Roger was just being a whiny baby.

  9. Cheese Whiz Says:

    Oh Janko. My sweet sweet boy. And in the pressers, Federer doesn’t even know The Idiot.

  10. Sunchica Says:

    Janko, you are the best. That was the best match I have ever watched!

    Mogao bi da nas castis sa jos malo presvlacenja na terenu.


  11. fjodor mihailovic Says:

    JANKO THE GREAT:-) u r the best…..and the hottest!

  12. fjodor mihailovic Says:

    oh,I’m a girl:-))))))))

  13. Karia Says:

    Janko is a very talented player he did so well to take roger to five sets and he is not bad looking either 😉

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