roger and nike bring back stripes


Roger Federer‘s night match outfit at the Australian Open stays with the black he and Nike used during last year’s U.S. Open (remember Darth Federer?). This time, though, they infuse it with some more color, mainly the New Blue that’s part of the Spring 2008 line.

And they’ve also brought back vertical stripes — a staple pattern of tennis fashion back in the 80’s, It appears on Roger’s warmup jacket and his wristband. See both (plus his white gym bag) after the cut.


Buy: The versions available for sale are slightly different (of course), and come as a jacket/pant pair for €70 at Nike’s UK website. Not sure what their policy is for delivering to the U.S.


(photos by Getty Images)

>> TSF’s aussie open coverage


3 Responses to “roger and nike bring back stripes”

  1. Jo Says:

    That’s a cool jacket. Can you buy it?

  2. Erwin Says:

    Yeah. I updated the post with a lead for those living in Europe…

  3. Kevin Says:

    Hey guys –
    I was just wondering if anyone knew if NIKE was going to make any part of the 2007 U.S Open outfit in light of what they are doing with this line at the australian open in the spring over here in the U.S ? Also would anyone have anything on whether or not they are going to put that black shoe into production or if it is on sale anywhere ? Thanks a ton ive been posting on just about every site possible to find out info

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