short balls: safin’s sex face, virtual fashion mess, night tennis hangs on, etc.


Sex face: Apparently, Marat Safin‘s sex face is satisfying, and Roddick‘s is intense. (Jezebel)

Player blogs: Nothing worthwhile in Marcos BaghdatisATP blog from this week. We were hoping for insight, perhaps, into that whole mess with Turkey?

Russian ritual: The Age hosted a column for Ana Ivanovic. On Svetlana Kuznetsova — “you always know she’s in [the locker room] when you hear loud dance music.” On her current life — it’s not that glam. On court coaching — do it all the time or don’t do it at all.

Props: ESPN’s Bonnie D. Ford sums up the off-court scandals clouding the game of Sania Mirza. And of the folks who took the Dostoevsky angle when writing up that epic FedererTipsarevic match, she wrote it up best.

Second-life DOA: IBM decided to promote its sponsorship of the Australian Open with a quickie virtual fashion contest. The winner of “Couture on the Court” wins the SL equivalent of $927. I can only hope many of the entries were better than this Bethanie Mattek knock-off.

Consider our hearts broken: One of the better folks to rock the Nike standard issue, Feliciano Lopez, has jumped ship to Spanish sportswear company Joma Sport. See their website here. (DTL)

Night tennis of the living dead: This event just. won’t. die. (HS)


7 Responses to “short balls: safin’s sex face, virtual fashion mess, night tennis hangs on, etc.”

  1. Lozza Says:

    Wonder when Adidas will put out some of those Novak shirts like his little bro was wearing after the match tonight? Go Nole!

  2. admiring Says:

    that sex face bit is brilliant

  3. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    Oh yes, I noticed that sex face too! Very nice indeed!

  4. FeFe Says:

    Night tennis and it isn’t even spring break! E isn’t just for kids?

  5. Jane Doe Says:

    I would fuck the shit out of Marat Safin.

  6. maria Says:

    Me wants me some sexy Marat

  7. miss kitty Says:

    Marat safin, the man is pure sex, he’s my beautiful russian sexgod!

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