roger federer: “i’ve created a monster”



Serbian Nole Djokovic improved to 2-5 against the World No. 1 Roger Federer after notching a 7-5, 6-3, 7-6 (5) win in the Australian Open semifinals. Nole destroyed any possibility of Roger achieving a Golden Slam (all four Grand Slam titles + Beijing gold). Congrats, Nole.

In the press room after the (almost) three-hour match, Roger — teary-eyed, I read — explained away the shocking results.

“I’ve created a monster that I need to win every tournament — still the semifinals isn’t bad.”

Perhaps the monster came out of his ginormous Nike tennis bag. The delicious white duffel (with blue and grey accents) finally got its 15 minutes with the camera as Roger left the court. What do you think of the bag? Tell us!

Photos: See the bag after the cut…




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12 Responses to “roger federer: “i’ve created a monster””

  1. Teamfoul Says:

    Ah, i thought he was referring to Nole. Anyway, i certainly hope this means we will see battle for #1 spot after so many years, and i must say i fully respect and admire Roger. I just happen to be from Serbia, lol.

  2. Jon Says:

    I maintain that Fed’s going to have a very tough year. It’s no solace that next up is the French clay. I wonder who may challenge him at Wimbledon (Roddick aside).

  3. aramis Says:

    so. question. how is it that djokovic’s “injury” seemingly goes away after he started winning? pssha. what a joke. he was using he’s tried and true “injury” as an excuse if he was going to lose. but after he realized he had a chance of winning, he forgot all about his injury. all his delicate stretches and blah blah blah. djokovic is scam. i preferred federer to have lost to anybody, BUT djokovic.

  4. Ian Says:

    Not a big fan of the bag…not my colours. But I can see its appeal. Love his shoes though.

    Looking forward to the final.

    And thanks for a great blog: I only recently found it and am enjoying it.

  5. Nick McCarvel Says:

    So are we going to get a shirtless Novak photo shoot when he wins on Sunday?

  6. thomas Says:

    Aramis- seriously have you even been watching the Australian Open?

    As Novak progressed through the draw he didn’t use one injury time out,

    so your comment on an “injury excuse” is utterly baseless-

    sticking to old hangups from 2007 is just really poor form.

    Give him credit where credit is due- even roger said Novak was “fantastic” that day.

  7. eliza Says:

    I love it…as soon as it comes out i wanna buy it

    i wonder when that will be in australia

    or america and id ship it over i guess

  8. Jullie Says:

    As much as I like Fed, he needs to lose every now and again – that’s part of life!

  9. veronica Says:

    i think this is a tough year to roger, specially in wimbledon with nadal,
    he´s so close now.

    But, i think now everybody is expected for differents finals, with djokovic or somebody else, …… nadal-federer ???????
    anyway, roger is the best player now, but….we will see.
    Hope nadal be N 1!!!! soon, soon.

  10. FeFe Says:

    Please, Rog. Do schedule some time for you and Mirka soon so you can give her the puppy in the bag. I fear it may not survive the R&D. Trust Nike when they says it is waterproof.

  11. Joshua Says:

    I love the talk about Novak’s “fake injuries.” It reminds me of Henin’s “fake injuries” not too many years ago. It doesn’t shock me that people on the internet would fall for such nonsense, but it always sort of startles me when I hear it from the mouths of former players who work on TV now. Don’t these people have even a basic understanding of the effects of adrenaline? And if you want to look for lame excuses for losing matches, how about the fact that both Federer and Tsonga complained about the number of times Djokovic bounces the ball before he serves only AFTER they were clearly losing the match? [PS: All future opponents of Djokovic should avoid this line of complaint. Against Federer, he was at deuce when he got a warning from the chair and defiantly fired off two great points to win the game. Tsonga was up break point when he, and the malicious crowd he so benefitted from, got Novak riled up. About thirty seconds later, the game was over. ]

    Oh . . . and I’m still waiting for Roger to carry a bag that is vaguely masculine . . .

  12. Ricarda Says:

    ¡Ya pues! Dedícate a otra cosa. Este asunto ni tantito se vincula con lizandro nuñez.

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