fed cup fashion: maria sharapova’s debut



Maria Sharapova makes a fantastic Fed Cup debut by helping the Russian team defeat Israel 4-1.

She follows in the footsteps of the equally stylish Roger Federer with her own red and white kit from sponsor, Nike. She wears a Fed Cup version of the Fauna tank. Off court, she covers up with a Russian warmup suit designed by Bosco Sport.

With this win, Maria and the rest of the Russian team can finally close the door on that ado from last fall, when some of the women questioned her dedication to Fed Cup play.

Scorelines: See the full results of the tie here.


Your options: If you like the cut of Maria’s tank, consider the two available options — the Aussie Fauna Tank in Berry/Fuschia or White ($60); and the Cruise Fauna Tank in Blue Ice/White ($60).

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One Response to “fed cup fashion: maria sharapova’s debut”

  1. NatashaSpychick Says:

    I loved the outfit, but the thing that I thought was cute about the outfit was the fact that it had a Russian symbol on the back- a two headed eagle, I’m told.
    I have pictures of the symbole on the tank-top [I’m Isreali and I went to the second day of play], but alas, I lost the cord to my camera.
    But about looking for some pictures of the tank-top’s back, I thought it was a nice touch.

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