fed cup: japan vs. croatia


Japan’s Fed Cup team, led by Akiko Morigami and Aiko Nakamura, brushed aside the Croatian team 4-1 this weekend.


Japan also won the fashion tie, with both singles players choosing to wear flag colors. At this tie, held in a cold Japanese winter, Morigami wore layered Fila separates while Nakamura braved it in an adidas polo (above, right).

Croatians croaked: I know it was freezing, but still — couldn’t the Croatians have found more appropriate clothes to wear? You’re representing your country, ferchrissakes! See the mishits after the cut…


Nika Ozegovic forgot to change out of her warmup gear. BTW, not sure what brand she’s wearing. The logo looks ilke a dairy cow playing tennis.


Jelena Kostanic Tosic got cold, too.

Scoreline: See full results of the first round World Group II match here.

>> TSF’s fed cup archive

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One Response to “fed cup: japan vs. croatia”

  1. Monica Says:

    I can’t believe they had to play outside…that is horrible. I guess they still don’t value women or women’s sports in Japan.

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