a woman with big earrings and bold moves — and it’s not a williams sister



Is success getting to Sania Mirza? The recently-annointed adidas global ambassador held a press conference in her home a few days ago to announce skipping all tennis tournaments held in her home country, including next month’s Bangalore Open. This decision was made in light of her recent run-ins with Indian political and religious officials — there was that fatwa on her clothes, a citation for tresspassing into a mosque, and most recently for playing footsies with a flag.

Already the current sage of Indian tennis, Leander Paes, has given his two rupees about the sitch, basically telling Sania to suck it up and understand her place in the bigger picture of the sport. I say let her make this statement. Perhaps a sparser 2008 schedule will help her stay healthy.

Sounds like… Hmm, haven’t we been through this scenario before? I’m talking about ladies with big earrings telling everyone to eff off.

(AP via Taipei Times; DTL)

>> past tennis scandals

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8 Responses to “a woman with big earrings and bold moves — and it’s not a williams sister”

  1. Chris Says:

    You know, it’s easy for Leander to lecture Sania. I really don’t think Leander understands the added pressure of being a woman tennis player from India. I don’t remember him under anything close to that kind of scrutiny (at least no one from his country will ever criticize his outfit, well, maybe his hairstyle…). As much as I would like Sania to tough it out and face her critics heads on, she is young afterall and deserves a break.
    India should be grateful that they have such a successful player on the tour. Us Canucks get giddy seeing Dancevic and Wozniak breaking in the top 100s.

  2. Biplob Kishore Deb Says:

    I think, Sania Mirza sometimes feels sorrow for being a tennis player, or at least female tennis player, despite a huge fan following. She has achieved a lot in tennis court and brings lots of success for India and received many plaudits for all those success. However, besides the tennis related things, Sania Mirza has been battling against off-court controversies for wrong reasons since Mirza’s rise to prominence.

    I think, time has come to let her go in her way and play without making ever increasing obstacles. You do not need to hold a Doctorate Degree to realize that Sania Mirza was not showing her disrespect to Indian flag on that day as she was concentrated on the game and it was accidental that she could not notice the flag. I hope Sania Mirza will move from her decision of not playing in the tournaments held in India.

  3. Mariam Says:

    I agree with Sania’s decision. She has gone through so much controversy/crap already it doesnt surprise me that she wants to minimise the controversy’s from now on cos lets face it, she will never be able to concentrate 100% on tennis during any tounrey in India. Its a brave decision and not many ppl will agree with it, but its one that had to b done.

  4. Nina Says:

    No luck for Sania. She is a female tennis player from a conservative country with a population of 1,129,866,154 (July 2007). There will always be somebody criticizing her. I support her decision.

  5. Mariam Says:

    OMG.. i honestly find it weird that the other Mariam always says my opinion before i can type it.

  6. Mariam Says:

    Hi Mariam! Its definatly weird tht there is 2 of us that luv Janko and feel tht Sania is making the right decision! Great minds with great names think alike! 😛

  7. jelena, don’t fall to the dark side! « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] be careful! You don’t need to get into more trouble just by standing next to […]

  8. Vaibhav Says:

    I feel Sania being a Muslim should learn to respect the Muslim tradition and wear her clothes accordingly.She should respect the views by various Muslim leaders when they tell her to mind her dress code.It is not allowed in the Muslim tradition for any Muslim girl to wear such dress codes which would reveal the body cuts and curves and make the girl look as if she is already naked.Sania should think about this and make amends to her dress code.I would appreciate if Sania will come on the tennis field in a burkha and play her matches in her traditional dress code.

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