(off-topic) more photos: ryan mcginley and annie leibovitz shoot hollywood, julian schnabel’s pink giant, polaroid shutters, etc.


Shake it while you can: The higher-ups at Polaroid have decided to get out of the instant camera business. They are shuttering their operations in Massachusetts, making enough film to last only through next year. You can keep your fingers crossed, though — there’s a likelihood of the technology being licensed for third-party production. But until that happens, you might as well stock up!


Vanity Fare: The pictures shot by Annie Leibovits for VF‘s March Hollywood issue are impressive as always (one here). But our reason for snapping up the pub are images of Julian Schnabel‘s pink WeVil monstrosity, the Palazzo Chupi.

Everyone was up in arms about how tacky the pink would look. I haven’t seen it in person, but it’s at least better than a Paul Smith store on Melrose or that obnoxious Pink Taco storefront in Century City. (What they lack in subtlety they make up for with a good happy hour.)

Hollywood, pt. 2: The New York Times got in on the Hollywood (aka Oscar) buzz with last Sunday’s NYT Magazine. Ryan McGinley shot the cover story. They’ve posted a behind-the-scenes video, also directed by McGinley, online. And I’ve posted the mag’s cover here.

(photos via Vanity Fair Goes to the Schneighborhood”, New York Magazine)


One Response to “(off-topic) more photos: ryan mcginley and annie leibovitz shoot hollywood, julian schnabel’s pink giant, polaroid shutters, etc.”

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