seles retires!


Eight-time Grand Slam champ Monica Seles has announced her retirement from professional tennis through an e-mail from her agent, Tony Godsick.

“Tennis has been and will always be a huge part of my life. I have for some time considered a return to professional play, but I have now decided not to pursue that…

“I will continue to play exhibitions, participate in charity events, promote the sport, but will no longer plan my schedule around the tour. look forward to pursuing other opportunities with the same passion and energy that fueled my dedication to tennis and to devote more time to two of my passions — children and animals. I especially want to thank all my wonderful, loyal fans for all of their support for me over the years. They have inspired me throughout my career in the good times and comforted me in the bad times. I have always been so proud to have such a special group of precious fans to call my very own and felt they were the best an athlete could ever hope to have. I will miss them all as much as I will miss competing in the game of tennis.”

We here at TSF saw very little of Seles in her prime, but are very much aware of how her game helped define how tennis is played today.

Now it makes sense: Seles made an appearance on The Early Show yesterday morning. Closure, perhaps? Nothing new with this interview, really. She talks about the stabbing, how she’s doing these days, etc.

(via DTL, SEWTA)


5 Responses to “seles retires!”

  1. Jon Says:

    She’s arguably the original power hitter. She’s a joy to watch, and I’m sure she’s an even greater joy to know. Still my favorite female player to date. She’s not just a statesman; she’s a true champion.

    And watching that Early Show clip reveals how eloquent she can be too. (Too bad the Larry Craig look-a-like interviewer seemed to know precious little about tennis.) Hers will be known as the great career that was, and the all-time career that could have been.

    I tip my glass to you, Monica.

  2. Sam Says:

    Ditto to that. Monica’s career was both inspiring and tragic. But the way she handled it is a testament to sheer will. Something we all can learn from…

  3. manfredw Says:

    She is also the pioneer of grunting 😉 Seriously I was a huge fan of Seles during her prime and I’ll miss the days where Seles was top dog and matches of Seles vs Graf were something to look forward to.

  4. Jon Says:

    P.S. Her memoir, From Fear To Victory, is worth the read for anyone who’s a Seles aficionado. It’s a bit navel-gazey, but hey, what memoir isn’t?

    ^ Agreed with manfredw. This era of Shriekapova (and the Williamses) owes much to that patented two-note yelp.

    Was Graf-Seles the last great rivalry in women’s tennis? What beats it since, Capriati-Hingis or Cap-Serena or Henin-Serena? Monica and Steffi had a habit of raising each other’s games even as their own ascended.

  5. Nick Says:

    Monica is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!!!!!! I can’t wait! There is going to be stiff competition especially from Kristi Yamaguchi, but wow. I hope everyone tunes in to vote for her!!!

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