a closer look at the delray beach tennis court


The organizers of the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships love to push the marketing envelope. Sometimes, us fans end up with fashion anthrax; other times, we end up with a love letter, S.W.A.K.


We swooned after seeing photos of the tourney’s show court backdrop; the blue waves were the brainchild of ITC director John Butler. He partnered with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hall, who underwrote the fee of trio of artists involved with the project: Doug Hoekzema of Pompano Beach and Angel Mir and Brandon Opalka of Miami.


The waves were digitally designed and printed on vinyl. They then beefed up the mural with airbrushing and painting by hand.


On the court, extending out from the end zone walls from six to ten feet, the artists painted waves directly on the surface. (Take that, Zurich!) The court took three days to prep another three days to paint.

More: See more close-ups of the mural after the cut…





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11 Responses to “a closer look at the delray beach tennis court”

  1. Chris Says:

    LOVE IT! I wish Doha would do something like that….oh wait, they couldn’t even figure out how to work the live score program…

  2. Brooke Says:

    I was there for three days straight and never even noticed the waves.

  3. myob1776 Says:

    The background was nice, but what would have been nicer would have been some contrast between the blue court and the out-of-bounds area. I don’t understand these tournaments — the Aussie open for one — that don’t use contrasting colors. It makes a real difference for those of us watching on TV.

  4. Erwin Says:

    myob: I agree. But let’s cut them some slack. They’re light years ahead of the tourneys that choose to do nothing. Also, they need to keep the contrast (and the colors) subdued for the backdrop so they don’t distract play.

  5. Dentonio Says:

    I agree that this is a GREAT way to spice up TV tennis and the sport in general. You can’t argue with that last shot especially! It’s beautiful.

  6. rw Says:

    that’s freakin awesome.

  7. John Says:

    John Butler here. Seeing this kind of feedback makes me incredibly proud that we could debut this kind of innovation here in Delray Beach. Thank you. Regarding the “contrast”, surely something we and the artists would love to explore, but we have certain rules to abide by as directed by ATP (Erwin, your comments were right on target). Important to give ATP a lot of credit for working with us through the process and letting us take the strides we did. And Doug, Angel and Brandon, and the Hall family, not enough can be said about them jumping on board with the idea and taking it to another level. Next year…we’ll embellish even further.

  8. Bill Strecker Says:

    The murals came out great..mixed media at its finest…
    the masses couldnt get anything better than some art and culture in their tennis..and done in this millenium to boot…well done hox and crew..
    what other tourneys or sports associations, for that matter, will also be stepping up??????

  9. Chipwhitley Says:

    I like the waves but it seems to me that it was pretty much stolen from the famous painting “The Great Wave” by Hokusai. They simply inverted it removed the boats and made slight changes. Or was it intentionally fashioned after the painting? Like the mural is a tribute to various pieces of art.

  10. Bill Strecker Says:

    The mural was comprised of various pieces of famous and our original artwork..i was the designer of the digital file that got, rendered, approved by the ITC< and then finally printed on the vinyl before handpainting begun…we ran into all sorts of issues with color, etc – but defenitely know there are guidelines for such an organized sport… but in the end we were all excited to have a part in something groundbreaking…

  11. delray does art, once again « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] Once again the brilliant folks at the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships (aka the ITC) are at it again, paying homage to good art on the tennis court. This year, the painting is the work of local artist Douglas Hoekzema. Need we say more? Images below and after the cut. TSF Vault: ITC art 2009 | 2008 […]

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