fashion focus: le coq sportif’s spring 2008 line


The rest of the line: We showed you Le Coq Sportif‘s Myth Shoe last week, and now here’s the rest of the Spring 2008 line, aka the first collection into the brand’s American relaunch.

The new brigade is headed by former adidas exec Tim McCool (CEO), Kip Meyer (CFO), and Patrick Ouyi (Marketing & Communications).

The arsenal: Clothing and footwear for the spring will come in three lines: Sport Chic, Retro Chic and Tennis…


The Sport Chic line has a few fun details — silk, cashmere, linen, and cotton enhanced with pleats, wood buttons, etc.


Retro Chic was Inspired by the 80’s — patch embroidery: an oversized rooster logo, and a bright palette.



The Yannick Noah polos came from the Frenchman’s historic achievements in the 80s. Clockwise, from top left: the 1986 Roll Polo, $59.99; the 1982 Porquerolles Polo, $59.99; another retro shirt; and a Tie-Dye version of the Roll Polo, $59.99.


There are some other tennis looks.


Accessories: The “Noah Club 1983” gets a reissue — half cup sole, expanded rubber midsole, and classic leather tennis shoe. Also for sale is a modern interpretation of the “Noah Club Prestige”. And a tennis accessories collection these days couldn’t be complete without a racquet bag.


6 Responses to “fashion focus: le coq sportif’s spring 2008 line”

  1. Rob Says:

    I love the tie dye shirt. Not quite as colourful as what was around in days gone by. So maybe it is something you could actually wear in a tennis match and not have your opponent complain.

    If I can track one down in Australia I will by purchasing one.

    The pinstripe shirts remind me of the Bjorn Borg shirts he used to wear. I guess that is what they are looking for. Perhaps some fresh new designs would be better however with fashion it always seems to go around in circles.

  2. chris Says:

    i think the men’s polos are pretty cute.

  3. Find a Tennis Partner Says:

    Wow, you founds some interesting tennis clothes! The retro chic line is interesting and cute. The Yannick Noah gear is nice but I don’t know about that tie die 🙂 Not for me but I’m sure some people will love it.

  4. charlotte volans Says:

    would like to know where i can purchase some new lecoqsportif items, mostly mens clothing

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Where can I purchase the womens clothing? there are a few tank tops that I am interested in. I live in Chicago.

  6. LAURIE Says:

    I am interested in buying Athletic rooster golf shirts. How can I purchase them? I love the one that Yang wore. Please let me know.

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