A little bit of Italy, a little bit of France…



Move over, Karl Lagerfeld; your Chanel stenciled tennis racquets are no longer the only ones for the glam set. French tennis company Babolat recently announced that they’ve partnered with EA7 — that’s Emporio Armani‘s performance line — to design their own gear. The oversize stick, with its 100-square-inch head, incorporates the brand’s current white/silver/black colorway (which can also be seen on Filippo Volandri, who wears EA7 on the court).

Buy: The racquet is available for $345 at all Emporio Armani stores. And FYI, there is only one grip size (“for medium-sized hands,” said the salesman at the store on Broadway). It also comes with a cover.

Another look: Take a peek at Volandri wearing the Spring 2008 EA7 wear (plus his classy accessories) at last week’s Copa Telmex in Buenos Aires after the cut…


(racquet photo courtesy of Babolat via men.style.com; Volandri photos by Getty Images)


5 Responses to “A little bit of Italy, a little bit of France…”

  1. Monica Says:

    He is so deliciously hot…

  2. pp2006 Says:

    Now that is a pretty racquet! Wonder if they will make one for one of the players. Rafa perhaps ?

  3. Hulkster Clemens Says:

    and a whole lotta dope and doping.

    Steroids & EPO = tennis

  4. Nez Says:

    I wanna buy that raquet!

  5. alex Says:

    I want it!

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