a trimmed andy murray overcomes roger federer


Andy Murray has finally emerged from the brink of injury — the one that caused a family feud — with a convincing win over Roger Federer in the first round of the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships. He grinded his way to a 6-7 (6), 6-3, 6-4 win, using a playing style that Roger criticized. Is Roger offering advice or is he being a sore loser?


Samson in reverse:
I’m all for letting men grow out their hair, but I am relieved that Andy’s finally cut down a little bit of that mop. He should buzz it all of for the summer swing.


A black bag: Here’s a new, more muted Nike duffel for the World No. 1. And in case you’re keeping track: Federer has yet to win a title this year. And he’s unsure about participating in the Olympics. But wasn’t Beijing his excuse for not playing Davis Cup? Hmmm



4 Responses to “a trimmed andy murray overcomes roger federer”

  1. Meegwell Says:

    He definitely looks better with the shorter hair but I have to say there has been a general slide downward for MR Murray.

    Time is not treating him well.

  2. Monica K Says:

    Now Jamie just needs to cut his. He got voted one of the worst celeb hairstyles in Britain. Rog is getting kinda pissy…I think his nice guy image is gonna go down the tubes soon. I think he’s just getting frustrated with being famous or he’s just become spoiled because he gets preferential treatment everywhere else but he’s treated just like everyone else at the Olympics. Rog kept saying that he really wanted to play in Beijing and was excited for it. He’s kinda pissing me off lately.

  3. Jon Says:

    He may very well right his ship yet, but so far I called it: Fed’s gonna have a hard year. This was a sore loss, and Murray’s one who now has a winning record against Fed since ’05 when he got so crazy good.

    What does it say about Fed and his own game if he rips Murray for being undeveloped or one-dimensional or passive in his play?

  4. Monica K Says:

    I’d just like to see some consistency from Murray I guess. I’m happy that more people are beating Rog, it’s making the game more interesting. It was getting kinda boring when he was winning everything.

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