serena vs. venus: ugly match, cute clothes


It’s a given that a match between the Williams sisters won’t produce great tennis. Lots of psychological sibling factors come into play (blood is thicker, after all), leading to awkward error-filled games.

Thankfully, they can keep me entertained with their clothes.


Serena wears the Nike Bloom Tunic from the Nike Cruise collection. She throws in some New Blue with her bandana and shorts.


And no tennis outfit of hers would be complete without some bling. In this case, she opts out of big earrings (even though “big earrings elevate any outfit,” she tells Marie Claire) and instead goes with a gold tote.

Snoop around: Marie Claire also got some insight into Serena’s make-up bag (from Henri Bendel, no less). Her make-up for matches, though, is another story: that bag is “a whole separate trunk, filled only with things that are melt-proof.”

Henri Bendel Make-up Bag

Buy: If you want your own Henri Bendel make-up bag, check out the goods here.


3 Responses to “serena vs. venus: ugly match, cute clothes”

  1. Lush Says:

    these women just scare me. they could totally beat the sh*t out of me, but i love the gold tote! they could beat me up and carry me out with that bag!



  2. Monica K Says:

    No wonder her skin looks like crap all the time it’s cos she wears makeup when she’s playing and it clogs her pores. Venus has nice skin though so she must stay away from it on the court

  3. Serena F Ugly Says:

    Daaaammmmm! Serena is ugly!!!!

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