i want to learn something new today


Andy Roddick‘s trophy is a dhow. I don’t know what Feliciano Lopez‘s trophy is of.

It looks like a sword or a canteen, but I’m really not sure. Is there anyone out there who knows the answer?


8 Responses to “i want to learn something new today”

  1. killervirgo Says:

    It’s called a Jambiya


  2. Mariam Says:

    When did F-LO’s contract with Nike run out?

  3. Erwin Says:

    Thanks, killervirgo!

    Mariam: not sure when the contract with Nike ended, but Feli started wearing Joma at the beginning of this year.

  4. killervirgo Says:

    I think it is actually a Khanjar


  5. Natalia Says:

    It’s a khanjar, but the two are very close in looks anyway.

  6. Bab Says:

    Well, then that’s two new things we’ve learnt, then. LOL

  7. Erwin Says:

    This concludes our lesson for the day. Thanks, everyone!

  8. Denise Says:

    Well, now at least we know what to call the weird thing that will soon be in Feli’s garage sale (do they have garage sales in Spain?)!

    The plates , bowls, and vases might be boring–but at least you can use them as serveware for parties (I always wanted to serve snacks off the Venus Rosewater plate thingy….)

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