short balls: agassi’s halfway house, a second wi(i)mbledon, anna’s robbers arrested, etc.,


Marat Safin - Tennis Channel Open

Tickled: A photo of Safin’s stache at the Tennis Channel Open, taken by Lady Hooligan Kat. You should read her funny ‘s account of the tourney. I’m hoping to meet up with her at Indian Wells — if our schedules match up!

AELTC, are you listening? Fabrice Santoro on his 2008: “Nothing much, no definite plans but I do want to play on centre court at Wimbledon. In my two decades of top flight tennis, this is the only place where I have not made a centre court appearance.”

Speaking of Wimbledon: How silly of me to think that the organizers of last year’s Wiimbledon wouldn’t be able to top themselves. Instead of staying in Brooklyn, they’re driving a Wiinnebago across the country — stopping for mini-tourneys along the way — and ending with the 2nd Annual Wiimbledon Tournament on Saturday, June 21st in San Francisco.

Babyface Marat: An oldie but a goodie. My favorite part? When he says “wodka”.

Closure: The people involved in the armed home-invasion robbery of Anna Chakvetadze and her family have been arrested. (WTB)

Agassi = halfway house: Flailing Aussie Lleyton Hewitt sought advice and training from Andre Agassi after his loss at the Tennis Channel Open. As you may remember, Mark Philippoussis had done the same while recovering from various injuries. (Fox Sports)

High and dry in Dubai: Some fans in Dubai complained about the lack of taxis accessible to the tourney.

Activist athletes: A dying breed. (FSS)

Maria Sharapova - Dubai Lifestyle City

Developers in Dubai have been harnessing the celebrity of tennis to promote their projects. German company ACI has three office buildings named for German athletes — Michael Schumacher, Boris Becker, and Niki Lauda. But aside from having his name on the skyscraper, Becker has nothing to do with it (design, etc.).

And don’t forget Dubai Lifestyle City, the Tuscan-inspired development designed by Tony Ashai. It’s endorsed by Masha and will house an outpost of Nick Bollettieri‘s tennis academy.

(OT) OMG@ABDC: My friend Matt at OMG! went behind the scenes of America’s Best Dance Crew and here‘s what came out of it.

(OT) I was hoping it was a dream: I know that no amount of media training could ever prevent Hedi Fleiss from incessantly using “get laid” on Nightline, but when I woke up to this the other night, I really did think I was dreaming.

(Masha photo by Gulf News via DTL; Marat photo by LHK)


6 Responses to “short balls: agassi’s halfway house, a second wi(i)mbledon, anna’s robbers arrested, etc.,”

  1. Natalia Says:

    That’s right, go to Agassi. Agassi knows all.

  2. Steve Bryant Says:

    Huzzah for cross-country trips. Drop me a line if you’ve got some suggestions for where we should stop!

  3. Danielle Says:

    I wish athletes were more active on their views. Their status is so influential and they could really use their celebrity to raise awareness. But no, Masha would rather design her next dress. And R Fed can’t touch anything but a racket, in case he runs into a injury.

  4. dance-a-vic Says:

    Wow. I had forgotten what Marat looks like sans facial pubes…adorable. And then you go and kill my buzz with video footage of Heidi Fleiss. Yikes. I kept waiting to see Wayland Flowers arm sticking out of her butt.

  5. butter Says:

    MARAT!!! I love that picture from KAT, u guys are going to Indian Wells? If that happened, then I’ll be waiting for your future posts on that one 😀

    ….and I still love the part when he said…”SERAFINO”………RRRrrrrRAaaaaWWrrrrR!

    Marat would be hot even if he’s 60 years old, as long as he doesn’t have a beer belly! lol….. j/k! about…. him being 60—hey I’m not sure what he would look like! ahahaha….

  6. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out and the baby Marat flashback! I’ll be in Indian Wells (aka i-Dub) this Saturday and hopefully on Sunday too.

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