leno, nole; nole, leno


Novak Djokovic stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night.

For once, the guy is looking good in a suit. Good job, Nole!


5 Responses to “leno, nole; nole, leno”

  1. butter Says:

    getting BUFFer!

  2. Monica K Says:

    Nole looked delicious and he was so funny and charming.

  3. Natalia Says:

    Great, great, great.

  4. Colette Says:

    Awww…Nole just gets better. Can’t decide whether I prefer him in a suit or shirtless. Mmmmm…

  5. Mihajlo Says:

    Since “Novak Djokovic on Jay Leno Show” video is no longer available on You Tube, if u still haven’t seen the interview and would like to do so, you can download it from rapidshare. File size is 81 MB, and the resolution is much better then u tube 😉


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