Indian wells!


On my hit list today: Monaco, Starace, Gineps, Moya, Nole, Andy Murray, Gasquet, and MATTEK!

FYI, Juan and Potito are playing doubles together. I have EMTs on standby, just in case.

Others (aka “might as well see them since I’m here”): Nadal, Davenport, Paszek.


6 Responses to “Indian wells!”

  1. Colette Says:

    Erwin – you’re really there?

    Please get some hot Nole shots – shirtless, transparent shorts – you get the idea. Am sure I don’t need to go on…

  2. Nez Says:

    oh yes… i totally agree with Colette… TOTALLY

  3. butter Says:

    OMG!!! can’t wait for updates on Nole, and why not Nadal??? waaaaa….. don’t you wanna see him wearing those pirate pants in person? ahahahha…. J/K

  4. Jon Says:

    Oh, definitely see Davenport and Nadal. They have, y’know, a few Slams between them, with more on the way.

  5. rc Says:

    good tournament


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  6. John Says:

    Shame Monaco and Starace lost! Wanted to see those hotties on tv.

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