sharapova drops out of miami; nike previews her french open look


It’s official: Maria Sharapova has dropped out of next week’s Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Fla.

“I’ve been playing a lot of tennis, flying a lot, and it’s all been work since I took a week off after the championships,” she told reporters. “It’s pretty much been nonstop from the season to all the tournaments I’ve been playing, and Fed Cup as well. It takes a toll on your body and your mind. You feel like you have to go out on the court and, you know, spend a lot of emotion and energy out there, and sometimes you just don’t have it for every match.”

She also mentioned wondering why she would be tired this early in the season (if it’s not mono, then it’s probably all that jetsetting, dear). Of course, money is of no concern vs. taking care of her body, so Sharapova will pony up the stiff fine that goes along with skipping this mandatory SEWTA tournament.

What she’ll likely wear in Paris: We at TSF are sad to hear about Sharapova’s withdrawal, especially since it might have been a chance for Nike to unveil a new outfit for the Siberian Siren. In the meantime, we’ll feast our eyes on what will likely be her outfit for the 2008 French Open. See the pictures after the cut…

Nike - Maria’s dress for French Open 2008 - frontNike - Maria’s dress for French Open 2008 - back

More pleats in this Paris Tennis Tank, sleeveless with pleated detail, $55.

Nike - Maria’s dress for French Open 2008 - skirt

And the Paris Skirt, with contrasting white waistband (on Blue Chill pleated skirt), also available in Dark Obsidian/Lilac Ice, $55.

What do you think of the outfit? Tell us!


9 Responses to “sharapova drops out of miami; nike previews her french open look”

  1. upset Says:

    i feel like maria’s turned into a monochrome machine. nike needs to put some color on the girl. she can wear almost anything and still look good. get daring on us maria!

  2. Marija Says:

    Beautiful, as always. I especially like the tank.

  3. David Koller Says:

    Outfit is Best Nike has designed yet. Captures the radiance of modern tennis syle with respect for the game as well. Nike should be proud of it’s accomplishments in the sports world. Maria Sharapova is just TIRED. I live in Palm Springs, Ca and saw her play Wed night at the Pacific Life Open and was fortunate I did so, cause she won that night. She carries herself well on court, I had a 2nd row box seat and her whole life is tennis. A career that demands of ones time all they’re time does not allow time for anything else. I know cause I have been in music 30 years and am taking a break from it now. Tennis makes a person mature faster than any other sport, O.K. maybe golf, but the sport of tennis and golf does take the most time of a professional. At least in football,baseball,basketball, you have seasons on and off. Not in tennis or golf, if you wish to remain in the spotlight. I love Maria Sharapovas attitude. But she does need the time to take stock of her own life. Your French Open outfit should be worn by Maria or any other woman would look great in it. Too bad she won’t be playing in Miami. But even as a champion you must give the crown to someone else once in a while. It’s good for the game and Nike shows graciousness and competiveness at the outmost, in class,fortitude and world wide appeal to the sports world. Fishing might be the only sport Nike has’nt conquered yet but maybe Tackle someday? LOL If you need a great sports columinist or publicist look me up. Regards David Koller

  4. gundel Says:


  5. Hetsie Says:

    I love it!

  6. hotchick Says:

    not that great

  7. b Says:

    i like the skirt…….

    top looks so busy….. all the tchotchkes…… hard to tell if it will work without seeing it on someone….. might be a nice creative way to dress up a flat chest….. without them it would be a very nice top…. i like the cut and it could be made more interesting in other ways

    seems like an outfit that might be more suited for some of the younger and/or (“toothpick”) shaped players….. e.g. radwanska (who i have only seen wearing figure-flattering and age-appropriate items)….. or hantuchova

  8. Tina Says:

    It’s very nice.

  9. Irene Cramer Says:

    Ms Sharapove looks quite well in all that she wears. She is a lovely girl and I would like to see more color in her outfits. Nike has been doing a wonderful job

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