mardy goes gangsta


In this world of customization — gold tennis racquets, tuxedos, monograms — it only makes sense when players create their own post-match victory rituals. There’s the Youzhny salute, the Agassi/Srichaphan bow, the Venus twirl, and the Petr Korda scissor kick (good riddance!).

Mardy Fish - Indian Wells 2008

Mardy Fish gives us his own with this adorable “hug” to each side of the stands at Court 1 of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. I’m sure he appreciated the crowd’s support in his 6-3, 6-2 win (his serve never got broken!) over Roger Federer.

(photo by Getty Images)


6 Responses to “mardy goes gangsta”

  1. Natalia Says:

    So proud of Mardy. When I saw the score, I screamed for 10 seconds before I could get myself together and praise him for the great match. So proud of him. He beat Nalbandian, which I was sad about, but okay with. But knowing that he got through Federer made me all tingly inside. Locing every minute of it. It’s gonna be a great final on the men’s and women’s side!

  2. Jon Says:

    About Mardy Fish, wow. He takes out Davydenko, Hewitt, Nalbandian, and then The Fed. Now he gets a shot at Djoke. What a week for a great guy.

    Asked if he could recall another upset in tennis to equal it, Fish smiled and said, “I don’t think I’m that bad.”

  3. tennischick Says:

    I cannot believe this result. just cannot.

  4. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I was cheering Mardy on yesterday, and I felt the Mardy-hug even up in the nose-bleed seats. It was very touching; too bad he just lost the final to Nole. But, what a great tournament for Mardy nonetheless.

  5. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    P.S. Do you know what Mardy’s green rubber bracelet represents?

  6. Chris Says:

    The ‘hug’ is not quite Mardy’s own. He borrowed it from Jonas Bjorkman.

    The diff is Bjorkman’s is more of a crushing.

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