on sharapova’s french open dress: the speculation continues…



One more to throw into the fray for Maria Sharapova‘s possible French Open kit. Rich at Down the Line! scoured the Nike site and came up with this beauty.

While the dress has no athlete linked to its description, this dark blue number is definitely a candidate for Masha’s outfit (unlike the Paris Tank and Skirt, which were linked to Masha). Judging by the bow on the bust, we know it’s definitely not Serena‘s. And Maria has gone both light (pink tutu, 2006) and dark (last year’s dark blue layers) in French Opens past, so who knows which way she’ll go this year?

Buy: Nike Paris Tennis Dress, Dark Obsidian/Chalk, $100. By the way, the Doubles Dress, in a Chalk/Dark Obsidian colorway, is also a fave of mine. It has a thin belt and a ruffled hem. $75.

(nike.com via DTL)

11 Responses to “on sharapova’s french open dress: the speculation continues…”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    Judging the price of the “Doubles Dress”, it may be Hantuchova’s.
    (That sounds a bit unfair…Ha..)
    It would be great to see Daniela in that dress!! It’s an elegant design!

  2. ana Says:


  3. Juan Says:

    that’s Maria’s dress ..she will look wonderful in it! but maybe Daniela will steal this dress too like she did with the 2008 Australian Open dress :p

  4. b Says:

    dress is nice…. seems like a near miss – don’t like the bow at the front….. would be really nice to actually see it on one of the players

    funny – i much prefer the doubles dress…… really like it, except for the blue patch at the back….. pity it’s not available in a darker or reverse colours
    for the clay

    white seems subideal for the red clay

  5. Mercedes Says:

    Juan…I don’t think Daniela stole Masha’s dress…
    cause basically the Gajdosovawore that ugly potato dress as well…
    I mean Masha is smart enough to pick a simple white color that is soooo much better than the potato one.

    p.s. I am glad that Daniela didn’t wear that potato dress!! It’s awful!

  6. Yoyo Says:

    she did wear that potato dress…

  7. Stephanie Myles Says:

    The dress was on the various web sites (Midwest, Tennis Warehouse), but has been taken down. Perhaps it’s on backorder like some of the Serena tops.

    Sharapova was wearing that tank and skirt today. Didn’t like it on her one bit.

  8. Alberta Says:

    Well, I hope the same thing happened in AO 2008 happens again in RG.
    In AO, we got a sneak peek at what Maria would wear, that is the potato dress. My thoughts when I saw the dress, I didn’t like it too much because it’s too simple and the color is ugly.

    Later on, we saw that Hantuchova wore it too, even before the AO.
    At the AO, we then finally saw what Maria wore : the white version of the potato dress, which is I can say way better than the one we saw in the preview.

    If this blue dress is what she’s going to wear, I won’t really like it because again, I think she can come up with something better. I hope she’ll come up with something a little bit different than this, or maybe she’ll look great on this dress.

  9. cap Says:

    Sharapova never did it for me. Viva la Ana Ivanovic!


  10. Karina Says:

    As for me it as “sport” as the my old school dress (strict navy blue dress with a little bow)The same shool dress – Nothing special!And \ Ana Ivanovic` all clothes are excellent indeed=)

  11. Tom Silva Says:

    Sharap’s black dress is perfect for tanking another championship, Amen!

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