because someone has to give her some love


Monica Seles - Dancing with the Stars Night 2

Monica Seles and partner Jonathan Roberts mambo their way to 15 points (that’s five from each judge) at last night’s Dancing with the Stars. This was the same score she got dancing the foxtrot last week. Read a recap here.

The show’ll start eliminating couples beginning Tuesday night.


4 Responses to “because someone has to give her some love”

  1. Nick McCarvel Says:

    This was a thousand times better than last week! WOTS is that she’ll get bumped off, anyway. Good try Moni, we love you! 🙂

  2. Natalia Says:

    Yeah, that’s the word, sadly. She was the only reason to watch!

  3. Carolee Pastorius Says:

    She was voted off last night, the heavy set broadway babe stayed. I wish Monica all of the best, she is such a great lady and did not look as bad as she thought she did.

  4. Jon Says:

    I really didn’t think she did as poorly as TV judges and my friends said she did either. At least she went for it. And it’s true, she never got to dance at prom or do a lot of teen/young-adult stuff. She has had a unique life, to say the least, and she looks great.

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