fashion: more loud prints from vania king


Vania King - Indian Wells 2008

American Vania King follows up her loud stripes from Indian Wells with this lighter floral pattern for this week’s Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Fla. It’s possibly another dress from Lily’s of Beverly Hills.

Edit: Nope — a quick call to the LBH confirms that this is not their dress. So if anyone knows the answer…

Scoreline: Vania is through to the third round of qualifying. Good luck to her!


3 Responses to “fashion: more loud prints from vania king”

  1. Stephanie Myles Says:

    Another American company, LeJay (Cotton Candy collection, also a few months old already).

  2. b Says:

    really really love this dress….. apart from the financial benefits i hope she doesn’t end up getting sponsored by nike, adidas or whoever and end up wearing a “uniform”….. she’s always so well dressed and wearing something that flatters her figure……….

  3. IK Says:

    it is LeJay – The cotton Candy line, Spring 2008,

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