fila’s wimbledon shoe: a pic and some deets


Fila - Alfa Wimbledon shoe

There it is, folks! We’ve tracked down this wonderful photo of Fila‘s Alfa Wimbledon shoe, which will commemorate the beginning of Fila’s five-year partnership with Wimbledon as its official footwear licensee.

Some details about the partnership:

  • The hard court shoes will be worn by the ball crew, the court covers, and all staffers of the Wimbledon Shop. Line judges are not included in this group.
  • The grass court version of the shoe will be worn by all British players sponsored by Fila.
  • Since this is only a footwear license, Polo Ralph Lauren will continue to outfit all the officials and staff. From the looks of the shoe, the two companies’ products will find a way to beautifully coexist for the fortnight.

(photo courtesy of Fila)

What do you think of the Alfa Wimbledon? Love it? Hate it? Tell us!

3 Responses to “fila’s wimbledon shoe: a pic and some deets”

  1. Natalia Says:

    Oooh… it’s pretty!

  2. frïdus Says:

    By calling it “Alfa” one expects it to fall apart. . . I used to own an Alfa (Romeo, i.e.).

  3. buy back link Says:

    A barrel to, just so many?Unternehmen schrecken noch, a quiet cup.Say let us, think we don

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