if you’re planning marat’s retirement party…


Marat Safin - Sony Ericsson Open 2008

…you can put your good china away — for now.

Although the former World No. 1 is hanging around at No. 90, and has won only one match in six so far this year (he lost to American Bobby Reynolds at this week’s Sony Ericsson Open), he’s not going anywhere:

“I’m trying, and it doesn’t come out my way. But (that) doesn’t mean that I have to stop because I’m not winning matches. I enjoy what I’m doing… I have plenty of cash to do what I want to do, so what I want to do is play tennis.”

I was going to write a post about how much longer Safin can sustain these kinds of losses before he conteplates retirement, but clearly it’s of no concern. Whew.

Safin also reminded reporters to look on the bright side, highlighting his determination to keep playing even after a severe left knee injury three years ago that forced him to change his style of play.

“It takes a lot of courage, you know, to try and still go on the court when you’re ranked 85 in the world… So I need to get some credit for that. I could have retired after I got injured with the knee, I could have retired right there, but I was trying. I’m trying already for three years, so I deserve some credit for that also.

Yep, we’ll give you the credit you deserve. Speaking of giving: adidas, can you give Marat some new clothes? Lime’s time is over.

(photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images; story via Reuters)


7 Responses to “if you’re planning marat’s retirement party…”

  1. Terry Says:

    I was beinging to wonder about his future; there are few bigger Safin fans out there (the license plate on my car is SAFIN), I mean I love that guy and it was hurting me to see him loose so many first rounders, but when you look at it from his perspective, I hope he keeps playing. As long has he keeps trying..really trying, I will keep supporting him.

  2. Jon Says:

    He’s doing what he wants to do. Obviously that is playing tennis, and he’s won two Slams and isn’t hurting in the dinero dept. Who’s to tell him to pack it in? He’s a great personality and has played out of his mind at times, both in dismantling Sampras at the US Open and, conversely, in some down-in-flames losses. In the end, hat’s off to him. He can do it his way.

    But yeah, the highway-worker attire can go away.

  3. butter Says:

    I’ve read once or twice before that Marat wanted to retire in 2010… which would be really sad…. cos I still won’t have enough money to see him play in a Grand Slam tournament (if he even makes it there)…. 😦

  4. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I love his attitude, and I’m glad that he’s not retiring. But, even still, I’m going to try and see him play in person as much as I possibly can!

  5. Sam Says:

    I was really happy to find post-match comments from Marat, both in Reuters/etc news articles and on the ATP site’s Miami coverage.

    Been worried about him for a while — in terms of his playing, yeah, but really in terms of his mentality both on and off the court since that supersedes all else.
    He is one of those players who, if he gets too concerned with a missed point or thinks he’s doing badly in general, will lose the match — simple as that. If he has any doubts or hesitations, then his physical condition counts for little.

    About the retirement part… I’ve heard the year 2010 thing too once, but if you look at maybe the last year of Safin news, there really hasn’t been any major mention of retiring/giving himself a time limit. (…Er, that I can remember, anyway. 6^^;;) There might even be more defenses against retirement rumors.

    Plus… Marat’s playing in the Davis Cup QF~! =D Can’t wait for that tie to start, since it’s basically the Russian “dream team” brought together again~ Here’s hoping no one will get hurt or sick within the next two weeks, lol.

    Btw, I agree about the lime. I’ll admit, I liked it back in the Aussie Open… two months ago. Think he’s been mixing it up with black or white shorts, but that shirt is what really needs to retire. >=P
    Maybe he’s just as bad off as Tursunov and his “I’m this close to playing a match shirtless” situation with his clothes… Of course, NO ONE would complain about a shirtless Marat or Dima on court. ~_^

  6. ana Says:

    marat safin is so nice…

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