kick-off party photos: james blake and svetlana kuznetsova



I don’t care if Svetlana Kuznetsova looks like Ashton Kutcher in this photo — this is the best I’ve seen her look off-court!

Save for the slightly-too-long cuffs on that jacket, James Blake, as usual, looks pretty darn good.

(photos by Getty Images)

>> meanwhile, a vegas showgirl’s costume went missing…
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10 Responses to “kick-off party photos: james blake and svetlana kuznetsova”

  1. Elle Says:

    I agree about Sveta – this is probably the best she has ever looked off court. Nice to see. That dress is still a little questionable though, but I won’t complain.

  2. Terry Says:

    I agree, they both look great; the photo must be at an odd angle because Svet’s head looks huge compared to Blake’s.

  3. rw Says:

    agreed. sveta looks great. i find james to be the most attractive man i have ever seen and that jacket makes me sad….so sad. it looks like wallpaper.

  4. Jon Says:

    She DOES look like Ashton Kutcher – hilarity! Thought she looked all right in black at the ’07 year-end championships. Blake’s sleeves are way too long.

  5. butter Says:

    “I don’t care if Svetlana Kuznetsova looks like Ashton Kutcher in this photo”

    OMG! ahaahahahaha…. but I have to agree this is the best I’ve seen her as well.

    I wish James went with all black, but i guess it’ll look too hot (climate wise).

  6. ryan Says:

    When I scanned down to the photo I was thinking that I have never seen Svetlana looking so good, only to find that you are saying the same thing.

    James Blake looks wooden, and the jacket is pretty darn bad. I want to see his bum (in pants, obviously). Such a great bum.

  7. b Says:

    yeah there is slight resemblance but she does look so goood! pretty shocked actually.

  8. supl Says:

    Word on the street is that Sveta is always the life of the party at tour functions… no wonder she loves getting dressed up for them!

  9. Charlie Says:

    Sveta looks stunning! She looks great on and off the court in whatever she wears!

  10. Lonny Says:

    All you have to do is search the internet and find better pics of her than this off-court. Also, I find she looks better off-court than when on which I would think is true for most people.

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