mishit: are you trying to forget about jelena jankovic’s dress?


Jelena Jankovic - Sony Ericsson Players Party 2008

Jelena Jankovic‘s dress from the kick-off party has been seared into our minds. And just when we were getting ready to forget about it, we ran across a photo of the dress… taken from the back.


(photo by SEWTA)


19 Responses to “mishit: are you trying to forget about jelena jankovic’s dress?”

  1. Marija Says:

    Not good! But I have to say I’m used to Jelena’s style, and I’ve accepted her the way she is. That’s her.

  2. tennislover Says:

    i think i’m scarred for life. never again will i look at a purple dress the same

  3. nads Says:

    that dress makes me cream my jeans. i love it!!
    if i only knew who could make a creation like that dress for me. 😦

  4. MC Dressmaker Says:

    I happen to know the dressmakers and I think they did a fabulous job. Most of the work was done by a woman in Dallas named Kelly Kealy Mayton who exclusively designs exquisite ballroom gowns. Project managed by Ollywood Creative in Dallas.

  5. ryan Says:

    The dress is terrible.

    But what I also think is terrible is the website for the Miami tournament. Does anyone else hate it? I know it’s a tangent but it is making me crazy and it’s only like day 3.

  6. Pipelina Says:

    I think she is gorgeous.
    Have you seen Serena`s hips, and shoes. Horrific!

  7. allover Says:

    I think she looked HOT HOT HOT
    cool dress, like some kind of bladerunner outfit..

  8. Jane Says:

    Yeah I think she looks great, definately different but lookin good for sure..

  9. A.H Says:

    Dress is lush, shame the model is a complete butterface ugly cow.

  10. HamLicker Says:

    The dress is hot but that face….wtf??? oink.

  11. saidgrace Says:

    This is LITERALLY the best dress, like, ever.

  12. bowieluva Says:

    I would say that the people who spent their time fashioning cell phone pieces onto a dress for days might be the most brilliant group of geniuses to ever walk the face of the earth. That must have taken some time to do.

  13. monter Says:

    Absolutely amazing dress!! How could anyone not love it?? I agree with the last poster – sheer genius!!

  14. Kejami Says:


  15. pinkkkk Says:

    Jelena looks great. She has an incredible figure!! That beautiful dress is made of cell phone parts!!!

  16. Jon Says:

    The model is “a complete butterface ugly cow”? “WTF oink”? People need to shut their hell up and leave Jelena Jankovic alone. I’m sure you are just gorgeous, even if you have the heart and soul of a pterodactyl.

  17. supl Says:

    JJ looks great. But that dress is horrid.

  18. Jelena Jankovic promotes Sony Ericsson Z750 in a purple dress made of 700 mobile phones | Jelena Jankovic Says:

    […] Reminder: This was not the first time Jelena Jankovic promoted a mobile phone. In February in Doha she helped launch luxurious Sony Ericsson T650i Precious Gold phone. (via Down the Line, Tennis Served Fresh) […]

  19. jalil rezaii Says:

    she’s beautiful in every dress.

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