fashion focus: nike’s miami kit for rafa


Rafael Nadal - Sony Ericsson Open 2008

It was an all-blue battle between defending champion Rafael Nadal and German Benjamin Becker in the second round of the Sony Ericsson Open. Nadal won the match 7-5, 6-2.

On track: With Novak Djokovic out of the way, top-ranked Federer still rusty, and a confident endorsement from Bjorn Borg (albeit for performance on grass), we expect to see Rafa as the last man standing next Friday.

BTW: My friends and I were chatting last week about which feat would be achieved first: Rafa winning Wimbledon or Roger winning the French. Like Borg, we think it’s the former.

Rafael Nadal - Sony Ericsson Open 2008

Rafa wore his Global Power Sleeveless in New Blue. This time, the folks at Nike moved the graphic print to the side and upper back of the tee, leaving it clean on the front (a welcome change). I’m all about this Land of the Rising Sun motif on his headband. And the blue swirls on his white wristband are a nice touch.

Becker wore a similar shade from the Boris Becker line.


Buy: Nike Global Power Sleeveless, $55; 3/4 pants, $55.

>> TSF’s sony ericsson open coverage continues…


9 Responses to “fashion focus: nike’s miami kit for rafa”

  1. Terry Says:

    I have a core group of guys that I cheer for in the following order: Safin, Nadal, and Djokovic. I even though Rafa is my number two guy, think he is really hot and I love to hear him try to speak English, ah that thing he does with the corner of his mouth…anyway I think that Nadal will win Wimbledon first; he came much closer last year than Federer did at the French; I actually think this may be Nadal’s year on grass.

  2. Nez Says:

    Has anyone considered Rafa might look really hot in a nice tight polo? Just throwing it out there…

  3. Natalia Says:

    Love hearing Boris Becker’s name in the news again. 😀

  4. isabellagucci Says:

    Boris is still alive? Who knew?

  5. Joshua Says:

    Nadal will probably win Wimbledon six million years before Federer wins the French open . . . but (and I know, I know, I always comment on your blog to correct your errors because I’m a total bitchface! Sorry!) he is not the defending champion at the Sony Ericsson tourney. Last year, Djokovic won this title (so he’s not so on-track as he was last week since he’s just lost all his points from THIS tournament) and beat Spring ’07’s Comeback Kid, Guillermo Canas in the final. I don’t think Nadal has ever won here, but he was in a final a couple of years ago.

  6. Daniel Says:

    I think Nadal’s apparel is in “Blue Chill,” not “New Blue”

  7. In Praise of Athletic Beauty Says:

    Does anyone know where one can get the blue-white striped bandana?

  8. Sonja Says:

    Oh how I love this bandana on Rafa!!! He’s looking so stunning again… *swoons*

  9. ramya Says:

    rafa looked really hot ……..n i always praise his style…..n the confidence…
    RAFA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!im too crazy about him!!

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