nole djokovic = fashion’s new love?


Save for his early round loss at this week’s Sony Ericsson Open, Novak Djokovic‘s goal to supplant Roger Federer at the top seems to be on track. First, he defeated the World No. 1 at the Australian Open, then captured last week’s Masters Series title at Indian Wells.

Even in fashion, Nole is looking up (we thought it was a hopeless cause). He cleans up for April’s issue of Men’s Vogue — the one with A-Rod on the cover. No, not that A-Rod. The other one.

Novak Djokovic - Men’s Vogue - April 2008

The story by William Finnegan follows Nole in Belgrade in December 2007, when he was in town for that mixed doubles exo.

It gave a brief intro of the Serb (childhood during the war, tennis in a ski resort, knack for impersonations); talked about the increasing pressures of his celebrity (“People recognize me and — I don’t really want to say bother me — but they just come up. It’s not really relaxing. All eyes on you.”); and mentioned the Djokovics-run sports marketing firm, Family Sport, whose goal is do bring Nole to the world.

adidas’ Novak Djokovic line, 2008

The company has already collaborated with adidas, his gear sponsor, to produce a line with his name and silhouettes of his groundstrokes. It’s plastered on shirts, keychains, balls, and even a yo-yo. We’re not talking high refined concepts here, but I assume $$$ and curbing counterfeiting are the main priorities.

Shop: Browse and buy all the goods, including his first memoir, My first Grand Slam, at his store.

One more: Aside from the photo of Nole above (shot in Monte Carlo, where he resides), there’s another one of him in spiffier clothes. Once I scan, I’ll link to it.

Nike Air Zoom Mo GT Court

Getting its due: It’s refreshing to see that both Anna Wintour and Jay Fielden aren’t afraid to publish stories in Men’s Vogue which revolve around tennis. They’ve done a few stories on Roger (one cover, even), sponsored last month’s Sampras/Federer MSG exo, and even mentioned Francesca Schiavone in a piece. Francesca effin Schiavone. Who does that?! Only hardcore tennis fans, that’s who. Props to them. This month, along with the Nole piece, they also included a quick write-up on the history behind Nike‘s Air Zoom Mo GT Court — i.e., John McEnroe‘s kicks (pictured above).

(Nole photo via TIF; shirt photos via DTL)


5 Responses to “nole djokovic = fashion’s new love?”

  1. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I dig the Men’s Vogue tennis updates, Erwin. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Monica Says:

    This has nothing to do with this article, but Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker are ENGAGED. The end.

  3. kristen Says:

    I was JUST going to comment on Roddick! Let’s hope it makes him play as well as Marty Fish!!!,,20187154,00.html

  4. Colette Says:

    Am a huge Nole fan but the whole tone of his website does make me cringe a bit.

    The AO book price plus shipping – just who do they think is going to buy it at that price?

  5. Tennis Bets Says:

    There’s really no better indication of how well a player is doing, than how much hype there is surrounding his personal life, over his latest fashion range, etc etc.

    This thing happens in all sports, and there are always players who fail to live with their new found hype (most spectalurly Anna Kournikova in tennis).

    I don’t think Djokovic is going to go that way at all, and fully expect him to be the real deal. I look forward to seeing many more cringe-worthy adverts and features and clothing lines in the future…

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