jelena, don’t fall to the dark side!


Okay. I must admit that I had a change of heart about Jelena Jankovic‘s Bjork-at-the-Oscars dress once I found out the context; basically, it’s a gown crafted by Kelly Kealy Mayton entirely out of cell phone parts (brilliant!) and she was to wear it accompanied by Dancing with the Stars alum Helio Castroneves.

But I’m sticking to my guns about her shopping with Bethanie Mattek at bebe. Janks, who knows what kind of fashion tips you’ll pick up even by just breathing the same air as her? Stay away!

Folks, you might have already seen the American’s silver sequined singles dress, but not many of you got a chance to see this pink prosty-worthy outfit:

Bethanie Mattek - Indian Wells 2008

She wore this playing doubles with Sania Mirza at Indian Wells. While Sania was busy covering most of her torso in that adidas Edge Cap Sleeve top, Bethanie was busy busting out. This was certainly one of the highlights of my trip to the desert.

From the back: See the dress from the back after the cut…

Bethanie Mattek - Indian Wells 2008

Sania, be careful! You don’t need to get into more trouble just by standing next to her.

Let’s hear it: What do you think of Bethanie’s dress? Tell us!

(photos for TSF by Matt)


4 Responses to “jelena, don’t fall to the dark side!”

  1. Gigou Says:

    Jelena, I love u so much!! No metter what happens, u’ll still be my lady #1!!

  2. Denise Says:

    Okay, I can’t exactly tell from the picture of the front—Is it an asymetrical dress that she is wearing with a regular bra????????????? Ugh……………

  3. pinkkkk Says:


    You have incredible style!!!! I can’t wait to see your next amazing cell phone dress.

  4. Luann Says:

    I LOVE Mattek’s dress!! It looked even better on television during the French Open! Jelena and Bethanie are great friends. Jelena wears the same dress, but in a different color Every match. Show some courage — like Bethanie does — and wear something fun.

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