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Roger Federer mutes his clothes and his profile

April 16, 2008

Roger Federer continues the Sisyphusian task of winning a title in 2008 at the Estoril Open in Oeiras, Portugal. He’s off to a good start; R-Fed took out Olivier Rochus 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the first round.

This is the week I see him in human form. He’s finally with a coach again (training with Spanish legend Jose Higueras), he has a ginormous embedded pimple on his cheek, and his Nike clothes — while retro — are looking pretty plain.

More: Read about his clothes here.


Wear your liver on your sleeve

April 16, 2008

SportsBusinessJournal’s Daniel Kaplan reports that the ATP has dropped its ban on players selling patch space on their kits to alcohol companies. This happened as of March.

This prohibition was part of an anti-vice umbrella instituted in 2004, which also included provisions against gambling and advertising involving tobacco. The latter two, of course, are very much still in effect. So how did booze get the boost?

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Mishit: Janko’s younger brother

April 16, 2008

The penchant for funky eyewear runs in the Tipsarevic family, clearly, and at times this energy turns evil. Like in the case of Veljko — Janko’s younger brother — who came to the Sony Ericsson Open straight from his audition for Starlight Express.

Juan Carlos Ferrero’s luxurious life

April 16, 2008

Juan Carlos Ferrero’s time at the top of the tennis heap might be long over, but his stint as a wheeler and dealer of luxury is just starting. Now that his boutique hotel is up and running, he’s moved on to watches. Juanqui’s teamed up with watch designer Franc Vila to promote a watch inspired by the former World No. 1: the FVa Nº Cuatro Tourbillon Dial-Side Column Wheel Monopusher Chronograph.

(He did a photo shoot with Tommy Robredo, too! Click here to read more…)

Maria Kirilenko as Carrie Bradshaw

April 16, 2008

Since posts about well-dressed Russians never get old, I’ll take advantage:

The always-fashionable Maria Kirilenko took some time out during play at Dubai to pose for some glamour shots. That flower is so SATC-retro — I love it! BTW, if you haven’t seen it yet, an extended trailer for the movie has been released. And it’s more revealing than you think.

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Marat Safin + leather + pinstripes = ?

April 16, 2008

Words? There are none. Well, perhaps three that Marat Safin can keep in mind for later: sometimes, always, never.

The Russian is participating in this week’s Open de Tenis Comunidad Valenciana in Spain. He faced Juan Carlos Ferrero in the first round and won 6-3, 5-7, 6-4.

More: See a full version of that picture above. Click here.

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