Rafael Nadal: write your own caption


The fantasy of so many folks I know — Rafael Nadal bent over.

This was at a practice session for the DC quarterfinal between Germany and Spain. Rafa won his singles rubber to give his team the 4-1 victory.

More: Tie details here.

(photo from AP)


26 Responses to “Rafael Nadal: write your own caption”

  1. Anshul Says:

    Nadal:”Yeah, you see, thats why I have to poke it often”

    Nadal: “I am just hiding my (tennis) balls”

  2. Anshul Says:

    “I like to Poke it, Poke it,….. ya like ta POKE IT”

  3. Terry Says:

    yeah…that is pretty hot

  4. Qatar Cat Says:

    “Lil’ help getting my knickers outta me bum?”


  5. Erica Says:

    “Yes sir, may I please have another!”

  6. Viktoria Says:


  7. Viktoria Says:


  8. Viktoria Says:


  9. Angela Says:

    Nadal you are my favrite player
    I like you
    I like Tennis and football i’m a Goalkeeper
    and you number 1 of the world 😀

    bye Rafa
    Greetings Angela from The Netherlands

  10. HII-HATT Says:

    hi rafa i luv u and always will be no.1 fan

  11. ale Says:

    hi! rafa i love you
    jaja no se scribir en ingles perom m gustaria ablar con el en su mismo idioma que es el español

  12. Mary Says:


  13. Marzena Says:

    Rafa you are the most handsome man I have ever seen!!!!! I love you and you’re my no.1.
    Take care!!!
    I believe that next time you will give Murray a rough ride:):):):):)

  14. Sangeetha Says:

    rafa u rawk…!!…u rule tennis circuit….
    i’m sure ull teach tat murray a lesson n take him on d rough track…
    u r no 1……!!!…..take care….luv ya a lotttt…..

  15. andreea Says:

    how can he be that cute and talented?:X i think…i’m in love;))

  16. maja Says:

    ajoj sto si mi lep i zgodan

  17. nina Says:

    damn he so hot, this website is a true blessing. what I wouldn’t give to have rafa all to myself. 😀

  18. dj Says:

    انت الأروع و ربي يهديك

  19. Girl16 Says:

    Ohmy. That’s hót!
    Nadal is the hottest man alive ❤
    I love his personality. He’s so cute
    And he’s a great tennis player.

    Bent it over baby<34579

  20. Emm =) Says:

    Heyy,, Lurrrve yuhh Nadal! i know what yur thinkin
    ‘another stupid fan’ BUT i am a fan and yuhh are relly HOT!
    L.O.V.E the Spanish guys

    Byee Seno’r . . . (dont know how to spell that word,, Sorry)
    MWAA !

  21. amine Says:

    nadalis the best i love uuuuuuuu rafa!!

  22. adussqa Says:

    Rafa…I love you….you aree most beatiful men on the world…you are my big love=))

  23. Lorena Says:

    Estas muy guapo, pero lo estarias mas, si sonrieras mas!! jejeje

  24. amál Says:

    oh man…i guess im last on the list lol..anyways rafa u r truly a talented player…..

    p.s the caption…”give me a kiss baby”

  25. babina Says:

    Very funny photo Rafa.

  26. Rwoos Says:

    Ooh, she’s cute!

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