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What would you do with Lleyton Hewitt?

April 30, 2008

Lleyton Hewitt - survey

Make out (with), date, marry, or dump: what would you do with Lleyton Hewitt?

My options would have some other verbs, but I can’t share those in mixed company!

(Photo by Wade Laube/SMH)


Nole isn’t a total douchebag, aka Ivan Ljubicic is the luckiest man in the world

April 30, 2008

Ivan Ljubicic - Novak Djokovic - Monte Carlo 2008

Not everyone just gets handed a sweaty shirt worn by Nole Djokovic (yes, some of us actually have to bid for it). But in the spirit of sportsmanship — and perhaps making a political statement — Croat Ivan Ljubicic and the Serbian exchanged shirts after their match at the Masters Series Monte Carlo last week. Consider this a “carbon offset” to the mouth of Djokovic and his camp, which has been recently spewing lots of hot air (none of which is directed to his old pal Andy Murray, of course…).

(Thanks, Chris!)

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