murray wants his internet q rating back


Mark Sanger, the founder and webmaster behind, recently got a letter from the lawyers of scrappy Scot Andy Murray threatening legal action if Sanger didn’t take down pictures “leeched” off Andy’s official site and posted on Sanger’s.

Sanger, of course, is pissed. And he feels that Murray’s camp is using copyright infringement as an excuse to suppress “a website that is… often critical of Murray’s career.” On the other hand, Andy’s site “reports only on the positives and even goes as far as to censor the public when they post direct criticism at Murray,” he writes TSF via e-mail. Whatever happened to tough love?

As of this post, Sanger’s site still stands. And it’s a good one, at that. Why Murray’s legal team is threatening this guy is beyond me. Sanger’s has been running this website (non-commercial, btw) since 2005, a year before Andy Murray launched C’mon, people — lemons:lemonade::crazy passionate fan with great web publishing skills:webmaster.

(I know, I know — there’s also something ot be said about *stealing*. I can only hope that Mark has posted visible notes on his forums telling readers to consider netiquette when sharing pictures of Andy from other websites…)


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