Janko in the June/July Men’s Vogue


Greetings from a rainy New York!

By the way, the latest issue of MV has a spread of Janko Tipsarevic hanging out in the Miami. I’ll scan when I get back to L.A. — I’m sure you’ll all manage in the meantime…


4 Responses to “Janko in the June/July Men’s Vogue

  1. laura Says:

    ooohh boy, can’t wait to get my paws on that mag..I luv Janko! MV is right on track about the hottest tennis players in the circuit. Last month it was Nole, and now Tipsy. Great job MV! And thanks, Erwin. I’ll be buying this month’s issue ASAP, just as I did with the last one. Mmm, who should be next? My vote goes to Ferrer. Ideas anyone?

  2. Mariam Says:

    Thxs 4 the info! Cant wait till it comes out! 🙂

  3. Kim Says:

    Actually, he’s hanging out in Miami in the photo spread but he talks about the Maldvies. It seems very wrong that Janko is in a photo spread about beachwear and at no point is he shirtless. 🙂

    Anna Wintour sure likes her tennis boys, doesn’t she?

    Nice choice with Tipsy. It’s nice to see someone out of the big names getting some exposure and he’s certainly cute enough to model.

  4. Sash Says:

    I found some scanned pictures in Down the line blog

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