chanel’s Spring 2008 pink racquet


Karl Lagerfeld revisits tennis for his 2008 spring/summer RTW collection for Chanel. While we saw many different colors of this racquet pop up during the runway show, it seems that the bright pink stick is the only one they produced for retail.

Buy: Available for $595 at most Chanel boutiques.

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5 Responses to “chanel’s Spring 2008 pink racquet”

  1. Austin Says:


  2. Porter Says:

    DOES anyone know if this tennis racket come with a Tennis COver? I caleld London Chanel – they said it does not come with a cover, but do you know if in other countries, whether I can buy one with a cover (protection)?

  3. taylor Says:

    how much is the racket/

  4. person Says:

    this cost way 2 much 4 a tennis rauet i paid 19.00 4 mine

  5. Kim Hoang Says:

    Hi, I just wondering is the tennis racquet come with cover and 2 balls?
    thank you…. KIM,

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