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A cute mug shot is worth a few mouse clicks

June 4, 2008

As if I don’t already have enough tennis blogs to read, I’m adding James LaRosa‘s Roland Garros blog to my ‘roll this week (that adorable banner of his won me over — what can I say?).

Kidding aside, there’s substance to his work; James was the winner of a writing contest Tennis Channel held last year (where they sent the winner to live-blog from Paris). They loved his writing so much that they kept him on for other gigs. For 2008 he revives his French Open column but stays stateside.

Check out the posts here.


not for sale: maria’s couture jacket

June 4, 2008

TSF just got confirmation from Nike that Maria Sharapova‘s Dark Obsidian jacket is part of the special on-court collection produced for the soon-to-be World No. 2. (Read: it’s not available to us plebes.)

Throw ’em a bone: But of course there’s a mass-market version inspired by this one-off. The Match Point Jacket can be found at

Sound bite: Asked to comment about losing the No. 1 ranking a mere week after it was handed to her by Justine Henin, Maria said, “boo hoo” — I love it!)

(photo by Tennishead for TSF)

two 5s come up short of EleVen

June 4, 2008

For the French, EleVen stays with basic silhouettes and colors in ultra-collegiate green and navy.

I know there’s a lag between design and production in the fashion world, so let the records show that TSF is still waiting for Venus Williams to squeeze the juice from fashion degree.

BTW: Venus lost to Flavia Penetta 5-7, 3-6 in the third round.

Venus’ white hoodie photographed for TSF by Mike Levy of Tennishead.

(photos by Getty Images and Tennishead)

>> TSF’s french open coverage…

who wears the cranky pants in the atp family?

June 4, 2008

(Editor: Michael wrote this before unseeded Gael Monfils defeated fifth seed David Ferrer in the quarters.)

Nole, in adidas, defeats Latvian Ernest Gulbis in the French Open quarterfinals 7-5, 7-6 (3), 7-5.

We’re halfway through the quarters and, alas, there are no major surprise survivors left. So that tends to leave us to focus on the known quantities and how they’re shaking down, or out, or something along those lines.

Novak Djokovic (that’s JOCK-ovich, thankyouverymuch), along with showing off his solid and semi-dominant play, has also been demonstrating a fair portion of on-court arrogance: you’ve got the looks of frustration, of disbelief, and of downright annoyance that the lesser opponent across the net has actually won the point, one that was so rightfully his. You may have noticed that Tennis Channel has introduced a new feature in their coverage this year: the slow-motion reaction shot. I don’t believe ESPN2’s got it. We get to see any emotional/competitive bent that’s emanating from a given player after they’ve just won or (mostly) lost a point — every smirk, every scowl, every eye roll. And Djokovic seems to have the full arsenal, as wide a variety as his game itself.

Look, I too fell in love with the Jocker (the nickname still works!), both through his personality and his brilliant imitations; loved those verite shots of him hamming it up for a player in the locker room at the U.S. Open. But his on-court persona has gotten a long, long way from the off-the-court guy. (That said, if you happened to catch Bill Macatee’s interview with him, you might have seen a bit more cockiness than you would have liked.) Maybe with his rapid ascension, it’s just a matter of the maturity catching up. In any case, you may be able to guess who I’ll be rooting for come semifinal #1.

Michael Shaw writes about tennis and other subjects for the Los Angeles Times and is also an artist. He can be reached at michaelshaw_sar AT yahoo DOT com. Read his previous posts for TSF here.

blame adidas for mattek’s current state + is nike waiting in the wings?

June 4, 2008

Through an interview with Bill Macattee and French Open Tonight, Bethanie Mattek offers some insight on why she dresses how she does. adidas, you’re to blame!

I was at the Australian Open a few years ago, and I actually got cut from the adidas team. I had all adidas stuff but I said, ‘Well I’m not going to wear it, they just cut me from the team.’ I basically just wore out there what I went to dinner with or went out dancing in… It’s part of my personality. I dress kind of funky off the court too.

I feel a little better now. She’s just working out some abandonment issues. The pink dress is an eff you to her old sponsor!

Over soon? Apparently she’s in talks with Nike as a clothing sponsor. As much as I rag on her, I think she would look AMAZING in their collections. Nike is very boobs-friendly.

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