A cute mug shot is worth a few mouse clicks


As if I don’t already have enough tennis blogs to read, I’m adding James LaRosa‘s Roland Garros blog to my ‘roll this week (that adorable banner of his won me over — what can I say?).

Kidding aside, there’s substance to his work; James was the winner of a writing contest Tennis Channel held last year (where they sent the winner to live-blog from Paris). They loved his writing so much that they kept him on for other gigs. For 2008 he revives his French Open column but stays stateside.

Check out the posts here.



3 Responses to “A cute mug shot is worth a few mouse clicks”

  1. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    I don’t know why Tennis Channel loves this guy SO MUCH. His contest entry last year wasn’t that great; neither was his blog. I may be a bit jealous since I didn’t win the contest! 😉

  2. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    he’s very funny… love him already.

  3. Homofascist Says:

    He’s got sort of a Paul Rudd thing going on – yum!

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