who wears short shorts?


Much like how I once used the Barney’s Warehouse sale to mark seasons in L.A. — it’s not my fault that leaves don’t change colors — TSF knows it’s time for grass when Rafael Nadal molts. Once a year he trades in his tanks for tees, his bandana for a cap, and his capris for honest-to-goodness shorts.

At this week’s Artois Championships at Queen’s Club in London, Rafa wears a version of the Summer Sphere Dry Crew from Nike while playing doubles with Mariano Hood. I’m not sure if it’s the Olive/khaki color (which looked great on Donald Young and Tomas Berdych) or the covered-up biceps, but I hardly recognize Rafa in this outfit. It doesn’t matter what he wears, though. Riding on his French Open win, he’ll mow down the rest of the field and face Federer a few Sundays from now.

Buy: Nike Summer Sphere Dry Crew, $45.

As for Rafa’s win at Roland Garros, DTL points out the marquer l’histoire polo has been amended with a strike through “2008”.

The images we’ve seen of Nike’s kits for this year’s Wimbledon show no signs of fancy (excluding Roger’s blazer and purse, of course), keeping in line with what they’ve done so far this year.

Rafa wears a global sleeveless tank and pairs it with a white bandana.


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4 Responses to “who wears short shorts?”

  1. malimeda Says:

    Try and google those stunning photos of Rafa from the Alexandre III bridge in Paris: he came in red tee, carrying his trophy and marquer l’histoire polo, then sat down on the parapet, crossed out “2008” himself with a marker pen and casually changed shirts! Needles to say, each step was madly photographed. The money shot: shirt around neck, bare abs, thighs bursting out of jeans, gentle look towards trophy, giant hero sculpture close by, the Eiffel Tower in the background.

  2. Sonja Says:

    Yeah, those Trophy photos are priceless. So yummy…
    What I also adored there from a fashion (and shoe addict) point of view: His Nike sneakers were the same red as the tee. Gotta love his style.

  3. butter Says:

    money shot right here! ahahahahaha…..

  4. Terry Says:

    I think Nike should outfit Rafa in some of their swimwear…just for a tournament or two 🙂

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