peekaboo: marat safin at queen’s club


Dear Marat,

In case you’re feeling down about your grass campaign not starting out so golden (but hey, a third-round loss to 10th seed Fernando Gonzalez isn’t that bad), consider this: your name has been mentioned the most of any ATPer in our hottie poll!

xoxoxo, TSF

(photo by Getty Images)


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4 Responses to “peekaboo: marat safin at queen’s club”

  1. butter Says:

    man… Marat’s game has gotten so bad, I actually get happy as long as he pass the first round. shoot….

  2. Terry Says:

    He still has the ability to get into the zone and play great tennis; lets just hope we see him in the zone at SW19 this year…and he is the hottest player on tour by far

  3. butter Says:

    omg E! 76th! at least he improved(NOT!) from 90th! Arrgghhh, Marat has serious natural talent and could pretty much defeat anyone when he’s “in the mood.”
    Right now it seems impossible to ever see him reaching semis not even the QFs.

    I’m just praying that whatever he does out there, I hope he’s wearing tons of SUNSCREEN! 😀 that’s the least he could do for us girls and boys. He’s aging kinda fast for a 28 yr. old guy.

  4. Browner Says:

    Well my boss is happy, he has moved in next door to her for his stay in London! I think the line “I just popped around to borrow some sugar…” will be used quite a lot…!!

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