wimbledon seeds grow into buzz


The 2008 Wimbledon seeds are out. Some players are irked (ahem, Mister Murray), while some are quietly and gratefully accepting what they’ve been given.

Chris weighs in:

“How could they have Roddick seeded sixth? I think he deserves to be above Kolya and Ferrer. I’d maybe even move Ferrer beneath Nalbandian and Gasquet. Baghdatis jumps from 25th to 10th. Lopez and Llodra wouldn’t have made the men’s seeds if Wimby didn’t change them around.

They kept the women’s the same which I think is wrong. Sharapova should be above Jelena, Venus should be above Serena (and in the top 5), and Bartoli should at least be in the top 8.”

But no (red) knickers are getting in a bunch. Why so complacent, AELTC?

Here’s Matt:

“Bartoli does not deserve anything above 12! Davenport should be 16. Agree with you re: Roddick and Sharapova. I miss the days when they would do something crazy that pissed players off, like making Marcelo Rios way lower or something…”

Are the Spaniards still boycotting this event?

And Erwin’s take:

“Screw the seedings — I can’t wait to see what everyone’s going to wear for their matches! It’s the little victories…”


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