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the whore of babylon

June 20, 2008

So you know how I’ve been drooling over that perma-popped polo from K-Swiss?

I’m hanging out at Trunks (watering hole of choice) and guess who walks in wearing a polo like it? My friend Travis, of course.

He does this because he hates me.


things you didn’t know about Rafa

June 20, 2008

In his last Q&A for the Times, we find out that Rafa Nadal wears a fragrance by Lanvin (which one, I wonder?) and he is fascinated by fish and aquariums. His hometown of Mallorca has a decent one.

Speaking of scents, here are my favorites:

Gucci Nobile (1988). Discontinued. It’s now at $150 an ounce or some absurd amount. But the combo of bergamot, lemon, lavender, rosemary, tarragon, mace, etc — it really does it for me.

Chanel Chance (2002). My sister gave me a bottle because it wasn’t quite working with her skin. Give it a chance (hyuk) — it’s more man-friendly than you’d expect. I haven’t tried the more summery Eau Fraiche version.

Chanel Egoiste (1990).

Vera Wang for Men (2004). My friend Jym wears this one (and I really like how it smells). In a perfect world I’d be able to use it, too. Sadly, the scent disappears 10 minutes after I spray it on myself.

What fragrance do you wear?

from chris: grass updates

June 20, 2008

From Chris:

“…Davenport, Mauresmo, and Stepanek in doubt. Amelie and Radek will probably pull out with muscle tears; Lindsay withdrew from eastbourne with knee injury.

Dmitry Tursunov, in line with crazy Russian on-court antics, walks off the court in a doubles match in Nottingham in disagreement with a line call. (He and partner Chris Haggard were down a set against Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolleli.) As a result, tourney officials booted him from the singles draw.

“Borg picks Andy Murray to win at Wimbledon … someday, but not this year (and that’s only if he stays injury-free). Borg’s safe picks for this year: first Rafa, then Nole, and third on the list is Roger.

“And in we-never-saw-it-coming news, Marion “Sweet Teeth” Bartoli continues to coast into semis at Eastbourne…”

como se dice “blimey” en espanol?

June 20, 2008 has Roger Federer 6/5, and Nadal at 44/17 (what?!). has Fed at even odds, Nadal at 2-1, Nole Djokovic at 3-1, and Andrew Roddick at 15/1. (More odds here.) has Fed at 6/5; Nadal at 11/4; Djokovic at 5/1.

Only one of 5 tennis writers, for what it’s worth, is picking Fed. And amongst the UK tennis press, 7 of 9 are going with Nadal.

This week I started a class in broadcasting, and the teacher, from the first day on, talks about “fact” vs. “opinion”. When it comes to picking this year’s Wimbledon winner, no one’s fact is better than the other’s opinion.

For 2008 Wimbledon I’m going with BBC’s Sue Barker: I see it 50-50 between Federer and Nadal — aka “Pick ’em,” as the immortal commentator Jim Courier puts it. Based on all the evidence at hand, you really can’t pick Federer, despite five consecutive Wimbledon wins and his five titles at Halle. And you can’t pick Nadal because there’s Federer. And Djokovic lurking behind the well-manicured planters. Should he and Nadal meet in the semis again, you almost have to give Djokovic even odds. Which would be one explanation why Fed has better odds than Nadal.

But how interesting is all of that, really, when compared with justice? If Nadal manages to add the ultimate grass crown to his resume, he will have avenged last year’s tight loss. And if Fed defends, let’s face it: he’ll reciprocate on the embarrassing loss at Roland Garros. Meanwhile, Nadal still has all the humility in the world for a champion, as we saw at the close of the French. Just for the sake of argument, let’s say Fed beats Nadal while losing only a handful of games. Do you think he would tone down his on-court celebration?

Well all right then. Whether it’s Nadal over Fed, Fed over Nadal, Nadal over Djokovic, or Roddick over Andy Murray, the winner will have earned it. And the guy who wins with the most class is still Nadal.

Michael Shaw writes about tennis and other subjects for the Los Angeles Times and is also an artist. He can be reached at michaelshaw_sar AT yahoo DOT com. Read his previous posts for TSF here.

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