things you didn’t know about Rafa


In his last Q&A for the Times, we find out that Rafa Nadal wears a fragrance by Lanvin (which one, I wonder?) and he is fascinated by fish and aquariums. His hometown of Mallorca has a decent one.

Speaking of scents, here are my favorites:

Gucci Nobile (1988). Discontinued. It’s now at $150 an ounce or some absurd amount. But the combo of bergamot, lemon, lavender, rosemary, tarragon, mace, etc — it really does it for me.

Chanel Chance (2002). My sister gave me a bottle because it wasn’t quite working with her skin. Give it a chance (hyuk) — it’s more man-friendly than you’d expect. I haven’t tried the more summery Eau Fraiche version.

Chanel Egoiste (1990).

Vera Wang for Men (2004). My friend Jym wears this one (and I really like how it smells). In a perfect world I’d be able to use it, too. Sadly, the scent disappears 10 minutes after I spray it on myself.

What fragrance do you wear?


12 Responses to “things you didn’t know about Rafa”

  1. lara Says:

    I’m a girl and the perfume I wear is Carolina Herrera (the newest one)…

    I bet Rafa’s frangrance is too manly and sweet at the same time… irresistible!!!

  2. jon voight Says:

    do you have a link to the QA???

  3. freakyfrites Says:


    I love Bvlgari’s Notte and Laura Mercier’s L’Heure Magique.

    For men, I’m a big fan of Issey Miyake, L’eau, I think it’s called.

    There’s a new perfume guide out there called, surprisingly, “Perfumes: The Guide” It is fantastically written and really fun for the scent obsessed. They love all the big, French scents by Guerlain.

    Has Roger’s own cosmetic line fallen by the wayside? I love him, but somehow I’d rather get a whiff of Rafa than Roger. . .

  4. Geyser Says:

    Friends by Moschino – uberly good

  5. Nez Says:

    for night time it would be a toss up between Tom Ford for men and Paco Rabanne XS. XS for a bit more cheeky feel and Tom Ford for something sophisticated.

    for day time it would definitely be Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for men

  6. chris Says:

    hummer … yes, like the car … go ahead & laugh, but i get more compliments on that than anything else i’ve come across – peppercorns, thyme, cardamom, leather, amber, and sandalwood.

    hugo boss in motion … its a nice mix of chocolate and oranges.

  7. joe Says:

    for me it has to be davidoff coolwater! Vince spadeas fav! Its great for night and day, long lasting and always popular with the girls and boys

  8. returnace Says:

    right now i use diesel Fuel for Life, it really lasts till late in the evening, and lasts even if you sweat a bit, or even after smoking a bit, ahehehe

  9. Qatar Cat Says:

    Chanel’s 19 for work, Mademoiselle for out and about, and #5 for bed. Yeah, boring, I know, but it works!

  10. Elle Says:

    Jo Malone’s Lime Basil & Mandarin and Blue Agava & Cacao; Demeter Hot Toddy.

    For men, Hermès Un Jardin en Mediterranee. The Lanvin fragrances are really great, especially Arpege, so kudos to Rafa.

  11. Aliah Says:

    mainly eternity moment by calvin klein, touch of pink by lacoste and polo blue by ralph lauren.

    i know, I CAN’T DECIDE ON ONE!


  12. Monica K Says:

    Juicy Couture, Michael Kors Island, Emporio Armani in the the purple bottle, Burberry Brit.
    Lacoste in the grey is my favorite for guys!

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