fashion focus: venus takes control of her wimbledon destiny


Venus Williams will step onto Centre Court wearing an EleVen dress of her own design. Not a bad way to defend a Wimbledon title, no? (Alas, no more Reebok hot pants!)

Venus’ design stays with a simple silhouette but shows sophistication with the gathered fabric on its v-strap.

The dress will be included in a new selection of EleVen pieces that will drop at Steve & Barry’s stores in July.

(image via Steve and Barry’s)

>> TSF’s Wimbledon coverage…


5 Responses to “fashion focus: venus takes control of her wimbledon destiny”

  1. b Says:

    love it…. pleasantly surprised…. wish the logo was smaller and/or in a lighter colour

    so relieved that it’s not fussy…. what does the back look like?

    hope it looks nice on

    also hope she pairs it with coloured shorts/sneakers/socks

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  3. Mariam Says:

    I really liked this outfit and it suits venus sooo much! 🙂

  4. b Says:

    saw her playing in this today – thought it looked **great**….. i think it’s an item that should sell well – it has simple lines and is not too fussy – could be worn by many different people (as long as they don’t have a very large bust)

    only gripe was that she put the logo right on her chest in the middle – it was already a bit large on the hip

    noticed that her visor had a small logo but in gold – looked so nice – if she needed to have this logo on her chest it should have been in gold

  5. Topaz Says:

    Saw this on her today, and LOVE IT!!! Wonderful!

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