for serena, there’s more besides the trench coat


Serena Williams‘ warm-up trench jacket got most of the buzz on Wimbledon’s first day (she split it with Roger Federer‘s cream-colored cardigan), so TSF wants to give some love to one of her outfit’s supporting characters: the Nike Heritage Print Club Bag.

The polyester and synthetic leather bag, with its retro print (country flags, newsprint, and a cartoon shoe airplane), brought a little spunk to her classy white ensemble.

Buy: Nike Heritage Print Club Bag, $80,

(images from; Serena photo by Getty Images via Daily Mail)

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3 Responses to “for serena, there’s more besides the trench coat”

  1. enrico Says:

    Classy outlet? oh comeon!

  2. Caresse Says:

    It is indeed a classy OUTFIT. She looks great.

  3. Jason Says:

    Nike is setting the bar when it comes to tennis apparel.

    Are you going to a segment on the mens: Blake with a polo, Gasquet’s pullover, Roddick’s dismal of all the fashion attention, etc?


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