fashion focus: jewelry at wimbledon


Serena Williams goes Dionysian at Wimbledon 2008.

Let’s talk jewelry for a sec. I write about it once in a while when it looks good, but I’d like to address some folks out there who have come to me asking that their jewelry be featured on TSF.

God bless their entrepreneurship and knack for making things, but please — mini-bedazzled tennis balls as necklace charms and racquets as earrings — that’s just too easy. (As Samantha Jones once said, “Owning a hot-glue gun does not make you a hot designer.”) These designs might sell at the country club, but that’s not cutting it here.

For Venus, hoops to go with her new EleVen outfit.

People need to think outside the box. Tennis jewelry can be something other than racquets and balls. Just take a look at what the likes of Venus, Serena, Daniela, and Maria wear on the court. They have jewelry that are inspired by tennis or are appropriate for the rigors of competitive play. You’d never see a tennis ball from their lobes — it’d just be too much. And really, there would be no other appropriate occassion to wear’ em! Tennis overkill.

If you want to incorporate tennis iconography in your jewelry, some suggestions:

Charms sold by Links of London include strawberries, trophies, and ump chairs.

Other examples: A shop out of the UK created a strawberries and cream charm bracelet (here); a brooch of a tennis shoe (I once saw one from Marc Jacobs); a brooch made with shoe soles; rocks cut in the shape of tennis strings, etc.

This is how you do “tennis” jewelry.


5 Responses to “fashion focus: jewelry at wimbledon”

  1. kenneth Says:

    Serena’s wig is her most hilarious “do” yet!

  2. Rhonda Says:

    Love the strawberry and cream charm. I found a really cute tennis visor necklace at Koko P Sports Jewelry.

  3. Thunderbird5 Says:

    I always thought Sabine Appelmans wore jewellery very well on court – her thin gold chains looked well and never seemed to get in her way. The Williams earrings look too fly IMO – maybe at Flushing Meadow in the early rounds it would be ok but generally flash and tennis don’t go…

  4. Samuels Jewelers Says:

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    Use discount code 7018 at checkout for 10% off your Wimbledon jewelry purchase!


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