tattoo watch: maria sharapova?!


This could just be a error, but the caption accompanying this Abaca Press photo of female player’s nape at Wimbledon identifies it as Maria Sharapova‘s. I’ve never seen her nape, so…

Three things:

1) Is this her neck? The top doesn’t look like the Nike tuxedo top. Even if you took off the sheer layer (leaving the sports bra), it still doesn’t look like Maria.

2) If this isn’t Maria, who is it?

3) What does the tattoo say?

(photo by Corinne Dubreuil/Abaca; thanks, Lu!)

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10 Responses to “tattoo watch: maria sharapova?!”

  1. Jona Says:

    I think that’s Bethany Mattek.

  2. Nick McCarvel Says:

    As of USO 2007, Mattek has nothing there:

  3. Erwin Says:

    That top (white with black bra straps) was mattek’s dress, though. so this could be her. Also, that tat looks really fresh.

    NICK!!! How are you?! What are you doing these days?

  4. Marija Says:

    I don’t think Maria has a tattoo. It’s just not her style, at least at present.

  5. wholegamut Says:

    wonder what the translation is!!!!!

  6. brad Says:

    the tattoo is Timea Bacsinszky’s. I saw it while watching her battle Elena Dementieva in the 2nd round

  7. Melis Says:

    yep its Bacsinszky’s.. i also saw it when she was playing elena lol

  8. Anne Says:

    It’s a Tibetan tattoo that we had the pleasure to realize for Timea. But she is the only owner of the translation 😉


  9. rafaela Says:

    o que quer dizer essa tatoo tah linda !! ameii ♥

  10. shuvadip Says:

    the letters of the tattoo are related to indian bengali language,i can read the letters individually but can’t figure out what the word means unless i see the whole of it

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