nothing but english sophistication


Hey, everyone. Enjoying a nice sunny Southern California Sunday at a friend’s pool. Before I head out, though, I wanted to leave you with these wonderful pics from the 2008 Wimbledon lifestyle collection from Polo Ralph Lauren. (Special thanks to PRL for sending these our way.)

So what’s in this newest line?

Classic cabled tennis sweaters are reworked as stylish halterneck tops (TSF is a big fan).

The Wimbledon blazer appears in cream jersey with preppy navy and white ribbon piping, and the classic tennis dress is evoked with fresh, flirty striped cotton shirt dresses.

Cableknit vests and polo shirts pair with pants and shorts in linen and cotton.

Chic navy blazers, button down shirts, repp ties and ribbon belts are shown in the tournament’s signature shades of Wimbledon purple and Bentley green.

Shop: The men’s pieces are available here and the women’s here.

More: Check out some more wonderful sketches after the cut. The artist put some cute shoes (white and navy booties!) on some of the ladies.

(images courtesy of Ralph Lauren)


2 Responses to “nothing but english sophistication”

  1. Kaylyn Says:

    I am so in love and disturbed.
    As you have most likely seen, the video when you go to the RL Tennis site is awesome. Total time capsule material and the clothes- beautiful, as well as the models.
    Then that grand music is playing.
    I need to know what it is.
    It’s just piano- no lyrics.
    I’ve searched everywhere and even tried extracting the file.
    This is why I’m disturbed and I would love any help I could get trying to find this song.
    And of course, if not you can always donate to the Kaylyn-Cannot-Afford-Beautiful-Ralph-Lauren-Clothing fund.

  2. Noelle Says:

    I absolutely love these designs! the cohesiveness and the prepyness is outstanding.

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