oh, mirka!


Mirka Vavrinec hangs out with besties Gavin Rossdale and the pregnant Gwen Stefani during her boyfriend’s semifinal match against Marat Safin on Friday.

Looking forward: Roger will overcome the mental hurdle that is his losing streak against Rafa Nadal and win his sixth Wimbledon title. This “Roger is over” talk is all bunk.

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14 Responses to “oh, mirka!”

  1. freakyfrites Says:

    I think Mirka’s hair is looking nice. Like Roger, the change in surface seems to have done her some good!

  2. anonymous Says:

    I was so hoping that Federer will overcome his mental hurble at Roland Garros this year. Maybe next yr. 🙂 He doesn’t have any mental hurdle on grass though.

  3. butter Says:

    mirka aside, DANGgggggg! look at Gwen’s preggy belly! it’s a good thing she’s watching a FedEx and Safin match, their talents might rub on the new baby =)

  4. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    yep, her hair looks amazing. this image makes me wanna eat a sandwich.

  5. notanothertennisfan Says:

    I’m with you, Erwin – Roger is so NOT over.

    That said, I’m so nervous for him I’m going to run out for a cup of coffee so I actually miss a majority of the first set. Watching the match from the very first point just ramps up my anxiety.

    But go Rog!

  6. laughing giraffe Says:

    Does anyone know how Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani and Roger Federer actually became friends in the first place???? I know they have been best buddies for 2 years, but where did they all first meet? They seem like such unlikely friends!!!!!

  7. Rafa Wins Says:

    What was all this talk about roger not being over? Check the scoreboard! 😉

  8. anonymous Says:

    One match doesn’t decide whether a player is “over”.

  9. Tom Says:

    One match sometimes decides whether a player is done (see McEnroe-Borg 1981 Wimbledon) . Roger is mentally vulnerable, and this loss certainly caused confidence-ending mental trauma.

  10. Monica K Says:

    laughing giraffe: Gavin Rossdale is an avid tennis player and pretty good. He almost played pro soccer too I think. I know that he does a buncha charity tennis tourneys so maybe that’s how they met. Gwen and Gavin are always @ Indian Wells every year too.

  11. Alice Says:

    My eyes where not decieving me, it was Gwen Stefani after all.. Life is full of contradictions I guess..

  12. Jon Says:

    It’s not the end, or the start of the end per se – Fed will likely still eclipse Sampras’ 14 GS mark – but in Roger’s own words, how that final went for him was “a disaster.” I almost feel bad for him. Almost.

    Underdogs forever! Nadal is no longer one.

  13. Qatar Cat Says:

    I don’t think Fed will win another major – however, it all hangs on US Open now. If he wins it – he’s not over. If he doesn’t – then he sure is.

  14. Monica K Says:

    I think Rog will definitely win another major. The final this year was so close. He has beaten Rafa on clay but that was last year. Rafa’s serve has just gotten so much better that it’s going to be really difficult for anyone to beat him. I think people are giving Federer a lot of crap honestly because he was soooo good, practically invincible for a long time. Rog has a lot of tennis left in him yet…at least five years or so. I mean it took Pete into his 30’s to win that last slam at the US Open. Regardless whether or not he wins another slam he will still go down in tennis and sports history as one of the best players.

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