practice makes perfect: roger in cincinnati


Roger Federer has his work cut out for him at this week’s Masters Series Cincinnati tournament. He’s looking to bounce back (still) after back-to-back losses to Nadal (Wimby) and Gilles Simon (Toronto). He beat Gineps 6-7 (2), 7-6 (5), 6-0 in the first round. Yikes.

On to lighter fare: let’s take a look at his practice tees from this week.

The Beijing Olympics get some love from Nike with these two “080808” shirts. That, of course, is the date for this year’s opening ceremonies. The Chinese associate eight with good luck.

By the way, we’ll be doing a few posts on Olympics-related fashion (both tennis and non-tennis) in the coming days. To start, let’s take a look at what Nike designed for the Chinese Federation. Others, including Roger’s and Rafa’s kits, to follow.

The RF monogram appears in gold on this short-sleeved v-neck.

This shirt makes another appearance.

Nice light sheer fabric on this white/blue striped tee. Button tab on the sleeves.

OT: The Cincinatti Art Museum currently has an exhibit up for photographer Gregory Crewdson. He’s known for his large-scale overly produced photographs (he has a crew of 40!). If you’re in town for the tourney, go check it out.

(photos via MTF)



11 Responses to “practice makes perfect: roger in cincinnati”

  1. kai Says:

    Isn’t August 8th also Fed’s birthday? Though it seems he hasn’t had much luck this year yet…

  2. Kakeru Says:

    Yup, that’s why Roger himself said it’d be extra special for him to win a gold medal at these Olympics. Too bad he most likely won’t be flag bearer in the opening ceremony, considering he already did it four years ago.

    Anyway, the 2nd “080808”, is that an arrow or the Chinese character for “one”?? I’m guessing it’s the latter…

  3. m Says:

    080808 is also Roger’s birthday. Why wouldn’t he carry the flag? Is there some prohibition against the same athlete carrying it for their country in 2 consecutive Olympics? (Not trying to be antagonistic; just don’t know)

  4. freakyfrites Says:

    Roger is carrying the flag, at least according to the Korea Times:

    Love the 080808 tshirts – Roger really has quite a stylish practice wardrobe. I wonder who puts all those outfits together for him? Is their always a fresh batch waiting for him at his hotels, folded, pressed and with a love note from Anna Wintour?

    Too bad practice isn’t making perfect on-court. Ouch.

  5. Kakeru Says:

    Oh yay!! Good to know that there’s no such rule (I didn’t know either =P).

  6. John Says:

    Today, Ernests Gulbis’ shorts looked sheer, and you could see his green or blue boxer briefs underneath. It had me all kinds of excited! ❤

  7. anya Says:

    Hey, any idea if the sheer t shirt is available anywhere?

  8. Chris Says:

    The character on top of the 080808 is definitely the word ‘One’ in chinese. Nadal may get it as a hand-me-down after the Olympics.

  9. Natalia Says:

    The shirts ARE really nice!

  10. Tessa Says:

    You missed a t-shirt that he put on after the gray RF one in Cincy. I have a shot if you want it to add, must have been right by you that day, I have almost the same view of Fed. sitting down with his water bottle.

  11. naima Says:

    roger you are the best i love you don’t give ‘up

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